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  1. What will it take to beat OU ? "So what’s it going to take? It’s going to take a continued effort to recruit elite talent and to develop that talent and then hopefully one of these days they’ll stop having first- and second-round draft picks at quarterback," Good luck with that one. They have Rattler and then Williams in the fold.
  2. I'm average, 5'10 Yeah that's messed up. Seeing him at the top spot makes me second guess the validity of QBR!
  3. Yup. Way too big of a spread for a game like this. I put some down on texas +11
  4. Yup. Way too big of a spread for a game like this. I put some down on texas +11
  5. There really is only one way to do that, you know what to do [emoji1689]
  6. For example, Clemson was the best team in the country last year pretty much there is no doubt there really is no argument there. Mostly because of that ridiculous defense. We don’t need advanced stats to see that, they were top five in points allowed & yards allowed per game- no adjustment needed. There is no advanced metrics needed to make their numbers look good. They just look good because they were that damn good. If you have to use advanced metrics to loop the numbers around to make them look good, well, that’s just not nearly as cool. I figured being a Matthew McConaughey fan you would understand cool.
  7. No of course not, I am referring to diseases that can be sexually transmitted.
  8. The truth be told, I am actually quite the incredible person. I was born deaf, yet I can hear. I taught myself how to fly when I was five years old, I killed my first man when I was seven, and I was a published Author by my 13th birthday. By the time I was 30 I had already served 12 years in prison, into this day haven’t lost a single game of chess in the United States Penal institutions. Beside from that, points and yards given Up are very accurate indicators as to where a defense is.
  9. I live in California. I grew up in Germany. The state of Oklahoma isn’t a part of my life
  10. The yards you give up is an indicator of how soft the defense is though. It will be exploited by an actual elite offense who can convert for points. It's not always a good look if you have to get into the minutiae of adjusted stats to make the numbers look respectable. Either way the point was to indicate that the texas defense is not as good this year, it's not just me saying it. I can't see them holding OU's offense under 500 yards and 40 points. Injuries will unfortunately be a factor saturday.
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