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  1. I used Trupanion and would recommend them if you are going to use pet insurance. It excludes pre-existing conditions but not breed specific. Premiums can be adjusted by raising (or lowering) the deductible. Deductibles are by condition not occurrence or annual. They also offer riders to cover preventative care, dental cleaning and euthanasia. There is some cover for alternative medicines, but I am not familiar with it. I did coverage for my last Shar Pei, Hunter. His pics were on the old site, but I haven’t posted about him here before he passed in January. He was rescued from Operation Kindness via Dallas Animal services. His only exclusions were ear infections, respiratory infections and heartworms since those were treated by the shelter/rescue and in his records when the policy was started. Over the years, they paid/covered after the condition specific deductible was met: joint issues related to Shar Pei fevers/swollen hocks, hip dysplasia, arthritis, entropion and the tumor (likely cancer) workup at the end. They even covered the radiologist consult for the imaging over-read. The EOBs were very clear and payment was always prompt (you can choose direct deposit or they will send you a check). They have an appeal process if you disagree with a determination, but I don’t have experience with them on that. All of the claims were covered under the policy terms. Since I didn’t choose the rider, euthanasia was not covered when it was time. After I cancelled the policy, they prorated the current months premium within a business day or two. If you choose to continue with pet insurance, I would recommend Trupanion. Here’s Hunter, who passed last month. Officially nine, but probably 10-11 by the vets guess (OK is known for just putting 2 as the young adult age).
  2. This went down this morning. The back and forth between these two is down now, but the lead left up her comment calling one of them Captain Obvious. This poster had his front door egged by teenagers last night and posted the Ring video asking for help ID’ing the kids for the police report. This was the response to a suggestion to talk with the parents.
  3. We have bobcat sighting updates which merit a new thread for each street.
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