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  2. Pedo St making moral judgements? I mean don't get me wrong, Baylor is filthy trash, but I am sure that Pedo St is the most vile, disgusting, perverse piece of sh$% institution the world has ever seen, other than the SS of course.
  3. It makes plenty of obvious sense, keep at it and it will come to you.
  4. Which are richest and poorest college football programs? New revenue figures for all 65 Power Five schoolsUpdated 11:24 AM; Today 5:05 AMhttps://www.pennlive.com/pennstatefootball/2020/03/which-are-richest-and-poorest-college-football-programs-new-revenue-figures-for-all-65-power-five-schools.html#55 Missouri $38.5 million #36 Southern California $50.0 million Yikes #35 Texas Tech $51.1 million #33 Oklahoma State $52.2 million #25 Utah $63.2 million #22 Texas Christian $65.4 million #21 Florida State $68.9 million Highest ACC #20 Oregon $72.1 million #19 Texas A&M $73.5 million #15 Washington $84.0 million #10 Nebraska $94.3 million #8 Oklahoma $94.8 million #4 Notre Dame $115.5 million #1 Texas $156.1 million
  5. Sadly that beat is already lost. Boy was it glorious and never to be matched. Bill Belichick, the greatest coach of all time still in charge though. I was also hyperbolizing a bit as a joke to hype Andy Dalton, considering the rumors. As a Horned Frog originally from New England, AD assuming TB's throne is pretty much my NFL wet dream.
  6. Life long Pats fan here. This is what the Pats do, they cut their vets early, every time. Hard to call this early, but if Tom Terrific isn't ready to quit then it is early from his perspective, same as all the other vets they didn't resign that seemed to have a year or 2 left. Its good business, as cold as it is, isn't, or may seem. It's the Patriot way since the Kraft Belichick era. Pats won't miss a beat thought, AD the next TB.
  7. Utah Would Be In Real Trouble If Pac-12 Loses Marquee Teams Share BY JEREMY MAUSS, KSL SPORTS MARCH 10, 2020 AT 10:17 AM https://kslsports.com/430182/utah-would-be-in-real-trouble-if-pac-12-loses-marquee-teams/ “It hurts Utah, and that is an easy question to answer. There is still a conference there and it is good. I think everyone is disappointed with the move the Pac-12 did and it really is with the TV network,” Mitchell said. “The problem is that everyone thought there was going to be a whole lot more revenue generated. These schools are saying, ‘we would get a better deal from ESPN, NBC, any of them, Fox Network independently than the type of revenue generated and this all driven by TV.” The money disparity is only going to get bigger as the Big Ten and SEC continue to gain in popularity and the ACC has its own league-network but it is owned by ESPN so the distribution from the start has been miles ahead of the Pac-12. If the conference were to lose the big three in Washington, USC, and Oregon, what would the league do? “Utah has no leverage, they have zero leverage. They are, quite frankly, to just happy to be there,” Mitchell said. “Arizona is the same way, Arizona State, Oregon State is the same, and most of the Pac-12. Really, only USC, Oregon and Washington [have leverage].”
  8. Which Conference has leverage?
  9. So putting that 3rd tier content, USC,UCLA,UO,UW, on the Big12 NOW ESPN+ app would please everyone or no?
  10. USC UCLA Washington Oregon UT TT TCU Baylor OU OK St Kansas K-State Arizona Arizona St Iowa St WVU
  11. USCUCLAArizonaArizona StUTTTTCUBaylorOUOK StKansasK-StUtahColoradoIowa StWVU
  12. Cal baseball played a 3 game series in Fort Worth last weekend. Their Football team starts a home and home w/TCU this year that will see them coming to Fort Worth again next year. USC basketball was in Fort Worth 2 months ago. I'm pretty sure Stanford tennis was in Fort Worth last week too. Non-issue, those Cail schools are loaded and don't need govnt money, they got other monies.
  13. USC joining the Big 12 down the line 'makes a lot of sense' ByNICK KOSKO 84 minutes ago https://247sports.com/Article/USC-joining-the-Big-12-down-the-line-makes-a-lot-of-sense-Trojans-PAC-12-television-contract-2024-144592787/ Ideally, Abraham believes USC and other PAC 12 members would need to make a move to the Big 12 to ensure the biggest bang for their buck. The PAC 12 expanded to 12 teams in 2011 when they added Colorado and Utah. If USC were to leave, a second team would likely join them so the conference could rebrand back to their old PAC 10 moniker. “Joining the Big 12 with other PAC 12 members makes a lot of sense,” Abraham said. “Just having your own tier three rights would be such an upgrade over what they're getting now with the PAC 12 networks. So I think something like this is realistic over the next couple of years but it starts with USC getting their act together first.”
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