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  1. So its not like mlb the show trades where it happens instantly.
  2. His landis moment, gtfo. He had no spine when the red sox and yankees were caught. Cant hammer 1 franchise when others have been caught.
  3. Down by 4 td with 22 minutes left. BoB got this.
  4. Is there a worse team in big games than wisky?
  5. It was enjoyable. Had fun as always. Wagner has that lights out closer mind set. Found out the new season ticket holder area will be in club level. Take left field escalator up. Then after you walk in there is a area to the right(cant see the field or anything). Itll cost you a extra 2k per pass each year on top of your tickets. That was the rumor that we were told.
  6. Anyone notice the 5 national championships that one of thier posters is claiming.
  7. Most drivers have become corporate robots. Busch, and Bowyer are not that way.
  8. Instrument technician by trade but right now im refinery/chemical site supervisor. This big problem with these old facilities are the maintenance isnt done enough. Equipment, towers, and facilities are run to failure. Companies dont want to spend money on replacing or proper repairs. Have high level supervision/engineers that come in and try to save money by cutting cost however they can.
  9. Huge Kyle Busch fan. He has the same drive to win every race like Dale Sr had. Heck of a talent behind the wheel.
  10. Work in Baytown. West of Beaumont. Same industry though.
  11. Nm see post above for a great explanation
  12. Another video of second explosion is crazy. Freaking top of a tower flying like a toothpick
  13. Atleast tonight is my last night then off for 4. I know the dangers of where i work but ive worked at pasadena refinery and some others along the channel those scared me. Hope this gets under control quickly.
  14. Phenomenal catch by the asu wr
  15. Herbert is same player as marriota and Mayfield. Cant read a defense, lots of bubble screens and looks down 1 receiver
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