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  1. The most outrageous comments ive seen have said they need to release the players who cheated and force them to sign somewhere else. Regular season cant get here soon enough
  2. This is why they should have bulldozed happy valley to the ground.
  3. Astros vs the world now. Id care about what the astros did, if NO team had ever done it before. As we have seen lately plenty of former players are outing other teams and systems they used to get same results. Mlb didnt strip any teams win/titles that had ped users( manny, ortiz, arod, and so on) . Stealing signs has been going on for decades. Plus by manfreds rule prior to sept 2017 using technology wasnt "breaking the rules". Red sox caused that rule to be made.
  4. One of the good memories was seeing the emotional side of reid on mlb after winning the title. He said what many of thought and felt
  5. The talk of taking title away is bs. Lets strip the red sox for having 2 known ped users on thier roster. Same goes for yankees. Fans cant bash the astros for cheating when you can go back and make legit claims against alot of other organizations
  6. Glad i got my roughnecks season tickets. Astros fan fest will be interesting this Saturday.
  7. As much as it sucks to see crane in tears, atleast you can see he cares. Beltran should atleast gotten something
  8. This year and next is our window. Screw the people that jump off the Astros train. Ride or die. Crane did what he needed to do. Something that doesnt happen over on kirby drive
  9. This world series they had ipads in the dugout. Know they nationals and astros werent just looking at thier swings. Most teams cheat in some way.
  10. If crane has "dirt" on Manfred you bet your ass id be negotiating higher punishment toward boston and any other future offenders
  11. Need to drop bigger hammer on boston and cora. Atleast the bandwagon will be lighter.
  12. Jshep34

    Houston Oilers

    Loved Bum and Franklin on the radio. They were awesome. They were Houston.
  13. Atleast Oilers fought back. This goes down as bigger choke job.
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