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  1. Heard about that game. We lost our only game Sunday to the 3 seed. Kids fought back and hung with them. Umpires didn't understand what a balk is. Never got called. Cost us a few runs. Umpires were telling our 3 coaches ( coach #1 former d1 pitcher , coach #2 former d1 2nd baseman, coach #3 former d1 infielder and mlb player) what a balk is. Found it hilarious that they (Umpires) were saying as long as pitchers hands come set he isn't balking.
  2. @Planet Houston is it the texas twelve 9u katy? If so they are 21-0. That is freaking insane. Shows they are a majors team now.
  3. We are in that super nit also. Our games are at katy national .
  4. Wish they'd go back to the old school stir up socks. It's almost impossible to find baseball pants that fit correctly out of the box. The size difference between Nike, UA, Mizuno and rawlings is crazy. If you find a name brand your kid likes stick to it.
  5. His L.L. team is unfortunate. But he stays true to Texas. Refuses to say go Aggies and wears his Texas jersey and clemens hat to practices
  6. Penalties or go back to dual drafting. Cruise around at 60% throttle is bad look for sport
  7. Going game 1 vs LSU. Atmosphere was electric last time. We will be in insperity club.
  8. Sealy or waller. Those are some drives. We just typically get a room nearby
  9. Think chuy and lilshep would have a blast hanging out or on the ball field. We start select this weekend. Hannah gave the kids new bats bags yesterday. Lady is a Saint on what she does for them.
  10. Just be happy going into a draft picking in the 20s and not needing a qb or rebuild
  11. Playing little league and select ball. Enjoying this time watching him play ball and excel at it
  12. I maybe In the few of this opinion but mct is a stooge. He just reminds me way to much of Luic
  13. Now Tommy dreamer head of booking for tna
  14. When your 180 hp front wheel drive sedan needs extra rear down force .
  15. Rowdy fan. Like his mindset of wanting to win. Reminds me of dale Sr. Might be old man yelling at cloud but alot of the 30 and under guys are to robotic in thier personality.
  16. Didn't know his stats from the NFL. But looking into it this honor is way over due. ALS is a horrible disease. Like others have said this disease should be getting more medical attention
  17. Shanahan isn't a big game coach . Offense play calling going to cost them the game.
  18. Think they go the daniel Bryan route with Cody. Night 1 versus rock winner gets Roman night 2
  19. Al needs his own plaque outside of mmp by the rings. I've stressed so much with lilshep how blessed he has been with the Astros. Especially getting to see Altuve play his career here and see the clutch, professional and team mate he is.
  20. Who is the guy sitting to Biggios left? Clubhouse attendant maybe.
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