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  1. Been awhile since we've been here
  2. Tire hit a white chevy out behind stands.crashed in front driver side hood area
  3. That's cool to see.
  4. Do not end the 500 under yellow. Let them race.
  5. I recall quite a few texas a&m shirts rooting for vince& company during that run. Insufferable group of idiots
  6. Sia(musician) gave some money to a few of the players. 15k to Lauren
  7. What is dusty thinking bringing up a 2b from AA to hit leadoff tonight? The dude got bumped down few days ago and is now somehow hitting leadoff tonight. This team is so screwed and stupid. Great to see the goat back in uniform
  8. Chris truby, wow that's name forgot about for years. Minor league infield coordinator for pirates now. Wish players had that passion and love playing baseball like Lima did.
  9. Someone should tell Yankee fans majority of thier world series titles were 20 plus years ago.
  10. Thank you Josh Fields. Astros need to send him a ring or something.
  11. Same idiot was busted earlier this season using whatever substance. Finally ejected from a game this year. You are correct about that sir. But there is alot of smoke coming from the Bronx the past 6 years.
  12. How many pitchers this year from nyy have been busted? Proven mlb had them use doctored baseballs last year. Caught using apple watch, ex manager let it slip they used camera in center field. Can't wait to hear St. Judge condemn his team mates for this behavior, oh wait he is checking what the dugout has to say.
  13. I'd have to agree , when a pitcher can't locate thier fastball and rely on a slider. hitters can sit on that pitch and hit it a long ways
  14. Dudes who beat women to hide thier true sexual identity for $500 Alex
  15. Ross is quickly becoming the worst driver
  16. Altuve rehab tonight in Sugarland
  17. I put my hand thru our ceiling fan when VY scored. Sitting on couch crying happy tears. Till wife came into the living room.
  18. Well atleast the bandwagon is getting lighter by the week. Expect mmp to start emptying out post all star break if team is still hovering below .500
  19. Agree. Great seeing driver's show some personality also
  20. Pmex facility at shell deer park. Hopefully no injuries
  21. If the titans do the oilers game vs texans. Fans should show up in nothing but oilers gear. Really confuse cal. I agree Houston should have brokered something to keep the name, history, uniforms. The pettiness of the adams family knows no limits. In 25 years have 2 new stadiums built on taxpayers dollar.
  22. Official. Titans will wear oilers unis during season. Moon hints it'd be versus the texans. Hopefully they do it here in Houston. Fill the stadium in Columbia blue, red and white.
  23. Beaumont show. Rhea didn't have all that makeup and actually looked very nice.
  24. Never understand how a grown man can wear so much junk (mask, fake rings, neck chains, jersey) .
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