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  1. But aggy gets every good player, if not it's because Texas paid them 6-figs.
  2. I'm late with this, but hold on...... aggy says "Oh my, Step-sheep, you're stuck in the washer." music plays "bow-chika-bow-wow"
  3. I was just referring to her wanting to get in on the action, if sucking Donde's cock was an option.
  4. Plonsky thinking about join the NCAA Investigative group, just to investigate Tenn, and get in on that action.
  5. You would think so, but Slim Jim had come out and said that they were no longer going to sponsor the Royal Rumble. Then Vince resigns, and Slim Jim says ok, we'll sponsor WWE again. If any more WWE execs are outed then I can see other advertisers doing the same until they clean house.
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