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  1. With regard to your comparison--I never read that book. But you are now the second person to tell me it harkened to it. I've heard very good things about the book.
  2. Did the pics not make it in? I had the publisher PROMISE to include my many drawings. Dastardly.
  3. It's pink. Hope you enjoy it. Here's a page on my website where I aggregated book launch event videos as well as essays I wrote for Scalzi's blog and others. https://chrispanatier.com/interviews-etcetera/
  4. Love that Epps' nickname is grandpa. Related to his speed?
  5. Lot of effort to save those few yards. Very chuffed.
  6. This is the first time THIS MILLENNIA that we have kept our foot on the gas through 3.5 quarters when ahead by this much.
  7. It is actually fucking racist how fucking galindo ignores Thompson and says the guy who hadn't even taken his first snap is the "heir apparent" to Ehlinger. Fuck Galindo.
  8. About to go to QB3. But when was the last time our QB2 got any meaningful snaps? Here we are with the third guy.
  9. Oh my god Alfred Collins is an absolute unit.
  10. First game in forever where I didn't question a single play call. Not one.
  11. Wow we are stocked with talented depth everywhere but OL and LB.
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