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  1. @Modessit Thanks for reading mate. Plans yes. For sequel and a prequel, actually--a distant past origin story for the Ichorwulves (1800s Gold Rush California). But as I've learned now, publishers want standalone for new authors, not series. Usually because there's a 50% drop-off from book 1 to 2. So it's mostly authors with wide and established readership that will get a series deal. The Phlebotomist has been one of AR's best selling books since it came out, yet they are not super into a sequel. I may yet publish sequel/prequel for The Phlebotomist, but not in the near future. I sold my
  2. I'll say this about Sark: you watch his press availability and how he discusses the team, his coaching approach and all of that and it brings into stark contrast just how awful of a communicator Herman was. Not just to the press, but to his players. You can tell, Herman was so insecure. Sark not so. Sark conducts himself in a way that is balanced but demanding. Hopefully pays dividends on the field. I think with a year or two it will.
  3. Got another book deal. This one is way different than the first. You can see from the short synopsis, it's more in line with what you guys know me for. Lol. https://chrispanatier.com/2021/03/10/second-novel-stringers-sold-to-angry-robot-books/
  4. Talented player. No idea man. I retired from tackle in 2012. Been playing touch ever since.
  5. The few times I played for the Reds against the Quinns I got shit-talked by one guy constantly. Don't even know his real name. Big dumb blonde fucker. They called him "T".
  6. I'm not huge on Military Sci-Fi, though I'm a total sucker for The Expanse. I've enjoyed Ninefox Gambit by Yoon Ha Lee, but I don't love love it. Where does Frontlines fall in that spectrum?
  7. Just leaving this here for posterity.
  8. I finished the first book of the Bobiverse Trilogy by Dennis Taylor. Very quick, smart, pretty funny. Will eventually get to the other two.
  9. This shit right here is a pile of pure gold.
  10. Don't you talk about East Lancaster like that.
  11. That's baller. I just love his approach. Totally out of left field, unfettered by the usual trappings. Great shit.
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