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  1. OMG Utah wtf. All the USC points have been scored off of busts. Jebus.
  2. Oh lololol. Now that was some grinch tackling.
  3. Literally lead with crown and hit Rising in the fucking facemask with it.
  4. Listen to these dipshits trying to say he didn't lead with his crown. That is textbook targeting.
  5. OMG he's walking like a kid who tripped on marbles.
  6. Yeah but we annointed Ehlinger to brain damage his way to 8 wins, so.
  7. If my daughter ever grows up and buys drugs, I want her to buy them from someone who looks like Cameron Rising. You can trust the drugs that come from a guy who looks like that.
  8. The travesty of that play was that literally ANY OTHER CREW would have called it a fumble on the field. These clowndicks called it an incomplete pass. Also, it was a legit fumble.
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