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  1. He's an absolute clown. Hope some combo of Neyor, Brenan, Johntay can drop fewer balls.
  2. 30/44 320 yards and a TD is average? Okay. I'll take it. Also I think you mean "mediocrity". But you go.
  3. He had Duck Dynasty on the brain and his nervous system timed out.
  4. I'm not nearly as pissed about this as I was earlier. Quinn seemed to find himself in the second half and Sark found J Brooks. Casey Cain found his hands. Terrance Brooks looks awesome. Some positives to put in the old Moral Victory stocking for next year.
  5. Ewers looked almost as fast as Casey Cain there.
  6. Yep. Offense has been poop. Didn't have to be. Offense was responsible for OSU and TCU losses in addition to this one (if we lose).
  7. Am happy to see Ewers looking a little more comfortable.
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