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  1. Reasonable is subjective and up to you to decide. What people are paying? 950-1000
  2. If you haven’t tried their 4 year rye, prepare to be disappointed.
  3. Truth. She wouldn’t even take it. Guess she knows it’s a POS
  4. DEVR was a huge disappointment. Tannic, dry liquified oak barrel. Lacked any depth of flavor. Super glad i tried this though. Won’t even buy it at retail should i come across it. In order: 1990 15/107 (export only) - amazing 1982 10/101 (lawerencberg) - almost as amazing, solid A 2019 ER17 - extra proof helped, still not my thing though for the money, B 2011 ER17 - sweet, but almost flat B- DEVR - C-
  5. This was a super fun way to spend a Sunday morning. And for charity too.
  6. Wife’s failed experiment with the Range Rover (as expected) is over. Just put her in a GLS63. Have to say, I enjoy driving the hell out of that mommy wagon. It sounds mean as hell.
  7. I’m tall. I preemptively ask those in front of me to just warn me in advance and that I have no issue with a warning.
  8. Drain pour for mine. Sold the other.
  9. Not even close. Newer stuff is about 50% overpriced for what’s in the bottle. I could argue more.
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