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  1. Can you push off past 5 yards? Because that looked not Ok.
  2. The plea deal is more intriguing than the indictment. My guess is this is quite pervasive.
  3. Headed out now for some birthday salt flats fly fishing. Hope for some nice bull reds.
  4. Full disclosure, I do very little to maintain my grill - rarely clean it and it sits in the elements unconvered so it’s quite neglected.
  5. My summit 670 just turned 13. I had the box liner, all burner tubes and grates/flavorizer bars replaced under warranty at year 8 (they needed it). Warranty was outstanding. No questions asked. Didn’t even ask for pics. Just shipped me the parts and had a licensed Weber guy come replace all the stuff. New grill at 8 years for all intensive purposes. all that said, buddy has a Firemagic and it has my eye if I go built in route next.
  6. Gotta get the antidote for the LOB virus.
  7. Fuck you Jobu, I’ll do it myself.
  8. With a flux-capacitor equipped Delorean
  9. Other than Batch 1 of course. Almost undrinkable.
  10. I want to buy Urquidy a shot of 1942. Or two.
  11. Did you paste Barbi fingernails on your toes?
  12. Was way more fun than sitting in a hot ass ground blind.
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