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  1. Risked life and lung for these today...
  2. So had to check what I had grabbed. Turns out I did get a ham.
  3. This is what I had hoped for. Instead I got brick.
  4. I wonder if 9mm will hit 70 cents a round before settling back down.
  5. It was Front Porch. It was just OK to me.
  6. You should try Center Cut
  7. As much as I enjoy ham, we did a blind SBS and Theresa and Shiny scored higher on our group. Shiny was the highest marks if memory serves. Gotta go check my notes.
  8. No kidding. One of the better ryes out there. Shame they only did it once. The Handy is a 2007.
  9. Cheers to my fellow lock-downers.
  10. It’s fubar. Probes were accurate. Checked temps also with thermapen. I know that thing is accurate. only thing i can figure is it was out of the freezer (had to corona freeze). Was thawed though. Must have been it.
  11. I’m having a first. I’ve never had a brisket break straight through a stall and cook so damn fast. Not even a micro stall. Put the 15 lb packer on at 9am At 245-250 on smoker and its at 194 degrees six hours later! Shit hasn’t even been able to develop a damn bark!! WTF?!?!?!
  12. Dude, I didn’t buy that. Was just sharing. What the hell am i going to do with that much W12?
  13. Tons of Weller 12 at Specs downtown Houston for those daring.
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