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  1. 24 year pre-fire HH greatness
  2. For those preferring W12 to Antique, there was a time pre-BT where it was made at Bernheim (circa 2000-2004) and had cherry cola on the palate. Quite amazing stuff. Obviously it was 7 year high proof stitzel-Weller before that. Doesn’t suck.
  3. Ha. That’s respectable for sure.
  4. Very much depends on what year we are talking about
  5. I thought the RB bourbon was decent. Anxious to try this one.
  6. Bert Orange


    Doc said my colon was prettier than almost any he’s seen and recommended I get a colon agent in LA.
  7. Bert Orange


    This prep is so much fun. I should just pour the water I’m supposed to drink straight into the toilet. 5 hours until I’m in La La Land. Can’t come fast enough. I’m starving.
  8. Whoa - that is awfully quick for TABC!! They usually take their sweet ass time letting it get to us after it bottles. Good to know.
  9. It’s the same barrel vintage with progressive angle’s share with each release. Kinda interesting to compare all three during the year and see the impacts.
  10. B and C for 2020 aren’t out yet.
  11. Universal patient management. Henry Ford. I see the irony.
  12. A120 ECBP >>>> A119 This may be my third favorite batch behind batch 1 and hazmat. Amazing stuff.
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