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  1. Aaand Dodgers reporters are morons. Fantastic for MoCoop
  2. Kody was at the alternate training site and is heading to AAA this season. Seems ahead of schedule Hamilton to start his pro career in high A Cooper with another surgery, the book is just about shut there
  3. They were showing as sold out even before they went on sale. TCU has had a plan to keep Orange out of their park for months now
  4. Anyone broadcasting the end of game 2? No link on the athletics site for radio and the horn is talking draft with no end in sight
  5. The dweebs in our fan base that demand that we simultaneously run a clean ship and deliver consistent success need to get over their faux sense of moral superiority. The NCAA is as toothless as they come, if any of our coaches across the board are not experts at playing the game, they need to be replaced by someone who is.
  6. I’m guilty too, but can we please stop giving him attention? A random blogger armed with a premium KenPom subscription, CBBReference in his bookmarks bar, and a massive emotional grudge does not deserve this many posts about him.
  7. 2 years ago. And if we’re not going to give him a single look all year then why is he still rostered?
  8. Here’s my weekly WHERE IS MASON BRYANT? post.
  9. "He's grabbing guards and wings" as if Disu and Bishop didn't both lead their teams in rebounding last year. We need one more front court body, but the fact that he's complaining about rebounding means it's less than a month into Beard's tenure and he's already running low on things to bitch about.
  10. Tickets for this weekend should be sold online and password protected. 25% capacity with tickets sold indiscriminately at the box office is going to make for a weak home field advantage. TCU is up to 50% capacity and is showing our series as “sold out” even though tickets don’t go on sale until next week. Assume it’s so UT fans can’t buy them up
  11. Point on the doll where the basketball coach hurt you
  12. Shortened games today are frustrating. Looks like their bullpen quality drops off fairly quickly and 4 innings shaved off gives us fewer ABs to work into them
  13. Yep, he’s stationed in LF now. Restrictions this year keep him from snagging the empty seats in row 1
  14. Athletic bigs don’t like to be called 5s. We can call Disu a 4 if he wants, he’ll still be the tallest guy on the floor in orange and will guard the tallest guy wearing the other color.
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