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  1. TDIL gender reveal tannerite explosion boxes are a thing This is something from Tim & Eric
  2. Ok, I read the WaPo op-ed. Got it confused with this man who wants to "Save The Classics from whiteness" https://www.nytimes.com/2021/02/02/magazine/classics-greece-rome-whiteness.html
  3. Is this because The Classics are considered white supremacy or whatever now?
  4. It's ok to admit a mistake or calculation & correct course. The guy is still a world class expert at the end of the day. I don't expect him or other scientists to get everything 100% correct.
  5. I'm on board with all of this. Just wondering who would not only answer & stay on the line with a robocall & then purchase what they're peddling? Obviously it's enough for them to keep pulling this shit.
  6. Haven't read the entire thread but what should have been the correct move in this guys situation? You won't find me having sympathy for cops but she had a knife and could have killed the other girl. Does the cop taze her instead? Physically disarm her? This whole thing is just fucked up all around.
  7. What % of people actually purchase something from a scam call?
  8. I'm seeing comments on social media of people saying that being vaccinated doesn't mean you can't still spread or get covid and thus we need to wear masks, social distance, and have lockdowns if needed in perpetuity. Some people see we're slowly climbing out of this thing and their power trip is coming to an end. It's fascinating from a psychological standpoint to watch. Imagine rooting for a pandemic.
  9. https://www.gunviolencearchive.org/reports/mass-shooting Plenty to choose from. So many there is one for whatever narrative you wish!
  10. Burr has a great bit on this. "Oh why isn't this new city I'm in exactly like the place I left?"
  11. Unpopular opinion:IPAs are overrated. overhopped swill.
  12. Not quite on topic, but Dr.Drew is considering a run at Cali governor.
  13. That leaves out the 40-50% who don't vote. Obv a high % of them are going to lean Pub/Muh Freedomz. However, (as MSM has covered) there are significant amount of Latinos, African-Americans, holistic types, different religions, the apathetic, who aren't getting it. Ancedotally, I know people who are somewhat apolitical & don't have any anti-vax views yet they aren't in a rush to get vaccinated. They look at it like the flu shot. There is a decent chunk of people who don't follow politics in this country nor care about Democrats or Republicans. I kind of envy them.
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