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  1. Bannon. He is just...ergh...have no words for that cretin.
  2. Also, Pennsylvania, Utah, and New York are going to Williamsport (in addition to Washington).
  3. That was crazy. I wonder why they didn't just put the runner back on third since the one official closest to the players put his arms up? Is it not like soccer where a whistle indicates stoppage of play?
  4. Wow. The excerpt author's rational for defending Trump--it is almost poetic, the common clay of the new west reaching for James Joyce but ending up with Amanda McKittrick Ros.
  5. I think that aggiehawg has a connection to the legal field in some way, but I don't know what it is. The posters there seem to star the posts a lot.
  6. Fox is raking in the money right now. "sources" can say that "Murdoch disapproves of Trump in private" all they want, it's not true--Murdoch will milk that cow as long as it produces.
  7. Wait, she complains in there about Garland and the unsealing of the warrant. How many flipflops are they going to pull on this one?
  8. Good idea to start a separate thread. Sometimes twitter won't let me access the full thread, but here are two more posts that detail the investigation:
  9. Question regarding the screenshot below--isn't the person commenting making assumptions regarding culpability in "strike one," and that "strike three" is not about the archives, but regarding the possibility of transfer of information to others (i.e. the criminal aspect of espionage etc)?
  10. Merrick Garland will probably not bother to comment, so I'll do it for him:
  11. Well, your number one is what was proposed as the behind the scenes brokered deal, but in order to do that, they have to figure out a way for Trump to suffer the consequences (which gets into your 'math' regarding voters) and in order for them to do that, be able to count on election results being gerrymandered enough or discounted enough by partisan election officials for their proposed alternate candidate to win. That is a little dicey right now, and the GOP stirring up violent lone wolves may not have people yearning for an authoritarian as much as they do a leader who is courageous enough to stand in front of a tank with no weapon whatsoever. Big difference between having a parent who is an authoritarian versus one who is authoritative. The public may not know the difference but they better learn quickly.
  12. I can see these arguments, but the GOP is playing a very dangerous violent game as they seek power and sadly, the collateral damage from that is often tragic. @Brisketexan knows that when it comes down to it, things can go sideways in a hurry when the plan has corruption, money by any means, and human oppression as its guiding principles.
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