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  1. We lived in Wisconsin for awhile, and in Mt. Horeb there was a Mustard Museum devoted to the condiment. Begun by a mustard aficionado who happened to be an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Wisconsin, he collected mustards from everywhere. We used to drive by Mt. Horeb and Dodgeville (home of Lands' End) with some regularity. Now known as the National Mustard Museum and relocated to Middleton, they even have a store where you can buy all sorts of mustards. Check out their online offerings: https://mustardmuseum.com/ I love a good roast beef sandwich with pickles and mustard.
  2. I listened to this clip, taken from a radio show out of Buffalo, NY and hosted by Peter Hunt. Mr. Hunt almost sounded like he was laughing/giddy at the beginning of this section (the entire show runs for about 50 minutes and this clip in the tweet is during the last ten minutes I believe). Anyway, Mr. Hunt is a very successful businessman who has this show, the r-House, and guess in what type of business Mr. Hunt practices? Yup, real estate.
  3. The Celebrity variety has produced beautiful tomatoes as it always does, but the number is down this year. I think the early heat wave stressed the plants some. The Early Girl and the San Marzano had some issues with blossom end rot--again I think with it being so warm so early I may have over watered them some. I cut back on planting the plum style variety this year-only the San Marzano. If it's going to be a scorcher of a summer then I may bag some of the other crops early and start seed indoors for fall. Usually by the end of June as tomato production ends, I take a limb from a mother plant and bury it in a pot next to the plant until roots form and then use that as the fall crop of tomatoes. But keeping it watered and happy is a bit of a chore. Lately it has been fighting on too many fronts between the yard, garden, and some of the mechanicals/appliances indoors are reaching their lifetime limits so having less 'farming' in the heat will be a boon.
  4. I don't know that it is weird as much as there could've been a favorable change for the non-invasive species in your environment. I rarely saw tree frogs in our garden until about three years ago when I expanded the garden beds. Now I find them hanging around all the time. When I was harvesting swiss chard last week, there was one coiled up in the middle of a large leaf. I relocated it to a another plant. I don't use many pesticides other than the occasional Sevin dust if things get really out of whack and I plant things like kale and such among the flowers and then let it go to the critters. The anole love moths, and I grow morning glory vines and the moths hang out there.
  5. My children are pretty scornful of the 'influencer'/attention type behaviors on social media. Thus far they seem to see it as arrested development.
  6. Heigh-Ho the Dairy-O, the Cheese Stands Alone.... So, the locals never thought to question the 600 year old nursery rhyme that accompanied the Double Gloucester Cheese Rolling Tradition?
  7. I'm skeptical that preacher is on good terms with the Lord. The omnipotent God has, I am certain, a sense of both humor and horror in seeing that someone who preaches hate in front of cutesy signs with intentionally mis-spelled words is a charlatan and a blasphemer in no uncertain terms.
  8. This from three years ago and referencing a tweet from 2014. What's next, The Great Hot Dog Conspiracy wherein the President decides to use yellow or purple onions on his hot dog instead of white?
  9. I believe it has to do with tuition fees. Being in-district would be a different rate vs. out of district. Since Blinn is in Washington County, if KR lives in College Station or Bryan, then his fees will probably be higher. I think their satellite campuses work that way, but don't quote me on that.
  10. IIRC, the Member Formerly Known As Lobo who became the Phantom Member Known as Guest Lobo, was familiar with ALEC and related some anecdotes in one of his longer posts. In some form or fashion, these groups stay the same over the last several decades but occasionally change the letterhead when people get wind of their machinations.
  11. Y'all familiar with that Rufus Wainright song from over a *decade ago called Going To A Town? I've had that on repeat lately. The intolerance and cruelty escalating in this country and that song captures that emotion very well. *The song has been covered by multiple artists since he released it, but I like the original. He is one of a kind.
  12. As ever, the image of the GOP in the sandbox huddled around their toys is appropriate. The day they stand on firm ground will never arrive.
  13. Regardless of whether one has raised children, this candidate's style of thinking is not that unusual. For example, to the best of our ability we have tried to teach our children to be kind, to have respect for others, etc. We also tried, *within reason, to allow them freedom of expression. If they wanted to play dress up or go out for a sport, or play an instrument, etc and it was in our ability to accommodate that, then we provided support. However, I saw plenty of parents who had a certain, I don't know(?) mind set about who and what their children were going to be. Anecdote after anecdote of children I watched grow up with mine and whose parents weren't all that different from those in Varsity Blues only substitute whatever ideal the parent had in mind. Some of the children didn't seem to mind so much, but it was painful to watch the children who did. I mean, as a parent, you do the best you can, but I see a fundamental difference between guidance and mentoring a child to adulthood vs the implication that a child who doesn't achieve/appreciate the parent's dream of what fulfillment means is somehow a failure, a sinner, or a drain on society. It's the essence of the disconnect between people who believe universities are trade schools and that earning a degree=job in hand upon graduation. So, someone who tweets as the candidate did is unhappy that the world contains far more variety and scope than her own limited point of view. And that children are rather like Ms. Gump's box of chocolates--we never know what we're going to get. So love them, teach them to be kind, and to wash their hands once in awhile and be pleasantly surprised at how proud we can be of them. *Caveats applied: temper tantrums in public meant removal from public space, no running into the street, and so on--you know what I mean.
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