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  1. I don’t know if it’s been discussed here but Rice is now 18-1. They haven’t lost a set since they played us. Some team is gonna be pissed when they’re paired with Rice in the early rounds. I hope it isn’t us.
  2. They were completely bailing on the middles when Butler wasn't playing early in the year. It's going to be interesting how teams adjust now. Our OH should have a lot more opportunities to dominate because teams have to adjust for Butler.
  3. Brooks was awful at fullback so glad they could find her a spot somewhere. She had no feel defensively.
  4. It's going to suck if we lose the Big 12 because Grosso missed the WV game. That was a very winnable game if we had Grosso and that would have us in the drivers seat. Still in 2nd with a chance but we need another draw or loss for Oklahoma State.
  5. All Ole Miss had to do in this game is fall on the ball and they would have won. A&M scored 7 points on a fumble. A&M's offense only scored 17 points and another 7 points came off great field position. This is why even bad teams like Arkansas, Miss State, Ole Miss, and South Carolina all have a shot to beat A&M. A&M's offense can't score. The Auburn gameplan of being very conservative on offense to limit turnovers is how you beat them. Just don't give them points from turnovers/bad field position and A&M can't score.
  6. It's atrocious but they're also returning almost everyone. If they're starting somebody like Shepherd at tackle next year they're screwed regardless.
  7. I hope he ends up at aggy. He needs a couple more years of development and he won't last a couple years waiting for a starting role. It's a wasted scholarship. This is why this board was hoping Shepherd would go aggy from the start.
  8. Carrington's most recent follow is interesting. https://247sports.com/Player/Kevontre-Bradford-46041118/ Edit: Missed Machinator's post above.
  9. It's not just a college perspective either. Arguably the top defensive mind in football preaches that points-per-drive and turnovers-per-drive are what really matter. The biggest issue is people get entirely too caught up in total yards. It's a worthless metric in the era of "modern college football"/spread offenses. It's all about turnovers and red zone stops. https://www.patspropaganda.com/pats-2017-bend-dont-break-defense-stack-historically/
  10. The wind was definitely a factor from the start. At least going in that one direction. Dicker has a cannon of a leg and he couldn't even kick it within 10 yards of the end zone on kickoffs.
  11. Tech has some serious injuries piling up. I don't know which DBs are going to be back for the Baylor game but I get the feeling this game will be ugly.
  12. Elam is still out for the Alabama game. He gone.
  13. The mismatch is Radley-Hiles trying to cover Duvernay in the slot. There is no shot in hell Radley can cover Duvernay. OU is gonna have to help with a safety most of this game on Duvernay. I hope CJ is good to go because I think OU's strategy will be to 1) stop run game with Ehlinger and 2) try to help on Duvernay. Guys like Eagles and CJ will get single coverage in this game.
  14. They run a lot of quick passing stuff. Like you said, this is a different looking OU offense. I'm not sure I would bring a ton of pressure in this game because Hurts is likely going to get the ball out of his hands quickly if you bring pressure. He can also beat you with his legs if you over commit. I think I would rather us force Hurts into a game manager type in this game instead of bringing numbers. Not saying Hurts can't be that but I'm not sure bringing a lot of pressure is the right play in this game.
  15. They might play but this isn't Riley playing mind games. They're banged up. Both missed the Kansas game and their reporters were saying they would probably miss the Texas game last week.
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