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  1. Several Clemson players responded to his tweet. Clemson players are probably to going to do the same thing based on how Dabo has handled this.
  2. Players at other schools are tweeting similar stuff. This is going to happen across the country. Schools/coaches that actually listen and give players a voice will handle this better than those that don't. See FSU's fuck up already.
  3. Coaches from OU and Alabama just started following Jonathan Jones today. I don't think this was a "trust the evaluation" offer like the other takes. Seems like there must be new film or something that has schools interested.
  4. Yeah, he's big but he also moves well for his size. The lack of receptions last year wasn't because he can't move. Texas didn't utilize him in the passing game.
  5. Wiley is going to be very good. I don't know about how good of a receiving TE he will be but he drastically improved at the end of the season. He was very good against Texas Tech and Utah. Herman said Wiley is going to play on Sundays and I don't think that's him bullshitting either.
  6. Speaking of Jimbo, one of his OL fatties at FSU was arrested for battery yesterday. I think he was already in the portal. I decided to look at how the out of state prospects from his class turned out at FSU ('16 class): Dickerson (Transfer) Henry (Transfer) Upshur (Transfer) Williams (Dismissed) Ball (Dismissed) Myers (Transfer) Arnold (Transfer) Tyler (Transfer) Joyner (Didn't Qualify) I'm looking at more of the recruiting classes at FSU but it's looking like the attrition rate was insane with out of state prospects. Shocking I know.
  7. This is the funniest thing about their constant bitching when it comes to recruiting rankings. They have one top 10 finish in 20 years. There's a very simple way to prove that the recruiting services are undervaluing your talent.....it's called winning. Hell, Texas has definitely underachieved in recent years but they can actually point to a national title, BCS wins, major bowl wins, 10 win seasons, etc to show that those talented classes helped them win.
  8. In fairness to the recruit, it's probably because aggy was tweeting at him constantly yesterday. I don't blame the kid. He's got a billion aggys in his mentions telling him that 247/Texas screwed him.
  9. Missimo is definitely good enough to go pro but I don't see it happening. The max salary in the NSWL is 50k and minimum salary is 20k. Maybe there is more money to be made overseas. I think the only real shot at money for Missimo is endorsements/sponsorships but the way the NCAA is trending seems like she could get those same type deals in college. I'm also not sure she could pull the type endorsements that a player like Pugh was getting. Pugh had a lot of exposure because she was playing with the USWNT at 17 years old. Either way, I hope we see Missimo at Texas. She's a special talent. I grew up playing club soccer and I've had several friends tell me she's the best youth player they've seen.
  10. Not to be that guy but I think there's a good chance we upgrade here with this assistant hire. White is an elite pitching coach and I think Singelton is an elite hitting coach based on what I saw in year 1. Spencer was a very good assistant but our biggest weakness was fielding (which was her primary responsibility). We were 141st in fielding percentage this past year. I wish her nothing but the best and I do think she's a good assistant. I think White will probably upgrade though.
  11. Ortiz might be the best player out of the bunch. I've had a couple people tell me that she was taking it to our guards in practices last year.
  12. Yeah, it's weird. Didn't Patterson run Meacham off so that Cumbie could be the play caller? From what I remember, that wasn't exactly a cordial separation.
  13. That entire thing is a weird set up. Kill is the "head coach of the offense" and Cumbie is the offensive coordinator? Beyond that, can Kill even coach because of health reasons? He retired at Minnesota and then retired as the Rutgers OC because of epilepsy. This entire thing was always bizarre to me.
  14. Clark is terrible. I have no clue why TCU fans would pay for a subscription to be lied to like that. It's not even exaggeration to say TCU was like the 10th choice in that recruitment.
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