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  1. The Big 12 is going to be good again next season. If Baylor adds Blackwell there could be 4 top 15 preseason teams (Texas, OU, Iowa State and Baylor). K-State should also be a top 25ish team with Ayoka Lee returning. This is good though as it helps Texas in terms of NET/NCAA seeding.
  2. That's definitely going to be Jordana Codio (incoming recruit). She already has a bigger following than Lexi Sun.
  3. No clue but she seems to love Austin. For someone in their mid 20s it seems like an awesome gig.
  4. They have 2 assistant spots open so she can probably travel to these events.
  5. ESPN has Melendez at #144 and MLB.com doesn't have him in the top 150. I'm surprised he isn't considered a better prospect than that. Melendez has been much better at 1B than anyone could have anticipated and he can obviously hit.
  6. They're gonna have to add some players from the portal.
  7. I think I read somewhere that Bolte was having arm issues a few months back. Not sure where I read it though. Also, not sure how much that would impact his draft stock as an OF/IF.
  8. Yeah, Texas is going to lose a few players from the current roster. MLB.com also has Ardoin in the top 150. I missed Bolte and Coffey in the MLB.com rankings because I was looking at an old list. They have Bolte #35 and Coffey at #98. So it's looking like Bolte, Coffey and Flores will be draft risks from this current class.
  9. You have the full rankings? I think the ESPN rankings are behind a paywall.
  10. It's looking like the only draft risk in this class is going to be Flores. He was #102 in the top prospects list MLB.com released a few days ago.
  11. It won't be surprising if all 3 of those teams are in the final 4 of match play in a few weeks.
  12. Texas should be after anybody that can do this when they haven't been able to shoot in years.
  13. Gibson can really shoot from 3 and those numbers can better. Teams were doubling and helping on him all last season. If they wanted McNeil from WV I bet they will want Gibson too.
  14. Kentucky mod was saying Scheireman is all about NIL. Whoever pays the most will get him. Also, Gibson from OU is in the portal. Texas should be all over that.
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