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  1. It's funny they keep talking about how our recruiting classes are "inflated" when reality is this is much more true with their recruiting classes. Most these OOS recruits get the Elko bump.
  2. Keith Patterson was always a very weird hire at defensive coordinator.
  3. Looks like I was wrong. Looks like Leggett played on Saturday but he didn't record a reception and I thought he was going to be in the WR mix.
  4. It doesn't look like Leggett played last weekend so he was likely suspended. If Tech is consistent Thompson should be suspended.
  5. Yeah, I edited to include Sternberger. He's the only OOS name that comes to mind that was a success.
  6. I know it's early but has a single out of sate recruit been a success yet? My guess is there's an insane bust rate with this group listed below. It's already happened in the '18 class and I don't see much out of that '19 group. From the '18 class: Tank Jenkins, Jeremiah Martin, Jashaun Corbin, James Foster, Glen Beal, Charles Strong, Mohamed Diallo. From the '19 class: Elijah Blades, Andre White, Derick Hunter, Ke'Shun Brown, Kenyon Jackson, Zach Calzada, Adarious Jones, Tarian Lee, Chris Russell. Sternberger has been the only success OOS.
  7. I'm not worried about Vanderbilt's offense. Everyone knows their offense is going to be a shit show. The only chance they have in this game is to hope A&M's offense is still shit with Jimbo's pro style approach and Mond. Vanderbilt has to keep this low scoring and hope to generate some turnovers.
  8. Based on their depth chart the starting OL next year could be: Morris, Green, Matthews/Chibuzo, Robinson, Trainor. Good lord that's awful.
  9. Based on Frenzy's twitter it sounds like Bobby Brown is the rumored player that might opt out.
  10. More rumors that other players could be opting out.
  11. Yikes, their 5 star tackle is getting reps at center in year 2. Unless Green becomes a 5 star tackle type at OT they are fucked in the future.
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