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  1. IT introduced a new recruiting analyst on tonight's livestream, Coach Charlie Williams.
  2. If the "30-day open portal after a head coach leaves" rule & roster pillaging existed back in 2020, would Tom Herman have been fired after the 2020 season? I've always felt that Herman should've gotten another season becuz of the new coaching staff + weird COVID year.
  3. Is Dabo getting any heat or pressure from fans & media for Clemson no being more active in the portal? FSU already surpassed them becuz of the portal. The same could also happen with Miami.
  4. Great take based on the historical stats about the high % of in-state blue-chip 6'5 or taller EDGE players ending up being drafted.
  5. Blake Monroe announced today in 1 of their videos that On Texas Football is launching a website & messageboard: ontexasfootball.com
  6. Please don't shoot the messenger... "House Divided" did an informative segment today on NIL in CFB & at UT. 1 of the SuperChats asked "Does aggy have more NIL than UT?". Ketch responded with Aggy has more affluent donors giving to NIL than UT does right now. He talked about UT doesn't have any former UT athletes giving to NIL.
  7. 10 wins in '24 looks doable if you break down UT's schedule & compare which team will have the better roster in each game. UGA might be the only team on the '24 schedule who has as good roster or better than UT.
  8. On the 21-minute roundtable video that Horns247 put out several hours ago, Chip Brown claims that Dom McKinley was interested in UT after he decommited from Aggy. But Bo Davis told Sark to pass on McKinley becuz he didn't like McKinley's motor.
  9. Here's a graph of the new OB schedule:
  10. Are the Bama fans gonna be as upset about Bond going to UT as UGA fans were last year with Mitchell going to UT.
  11. The new LB coach Nansen also has a backhistory with P.K. They were both at Montana together in the early 2000's.
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