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  1. Gerry Hamilton dropped a nugget on Hall today during the IT livestream (Skip to the 25:20 time mark):
  2. IT just finished an 80-minute livestream. GH starts talking about DeAndre Moore at the 6:08 time mark:
  3. Reading the pinned recruiting thread on IT & the posters in that thread aren't high on DeAndre Moore. They feel MHP is a better athlete than Moore & that Kyle Parker is a better pure WR than Moore. A couple of the posters consider Moore almost a JAG.
  4. GH was also at the game: IT posters are speculating that GH got the from Sark or Marion while at the game.
  5. Anybody have this Hudson Standish article from a couple days ago?: https://247sports.com/college/texas/Article/Texas-Longhorns-Football-Recruiting-Jalen-Hale-Longview-Deuce-Adams-193755988/ Looks like Trey Owens isn’t the only ‘24 in-state QB that Sark is recruiting.
  6. The sooner Hall can get on the field & take pressure off Worthy, the better the offense will be.
  7. Justin Wells said today on the 2nd IT video that was put out today that UT might end up taking MHP as an ATH prospect, separate from whoever the 4th WR in this class might be. Unlike Nahlin, Justin Wells sounded like he much preferred Kyle Parker over MHP as a WR prospect.
  8. It just an article talking about the potential WRs that UT might go after after losing Hale: Deandre Moore, MHP, Kyle Parker, Jaden Greathouse, & Braylon James. IT just dropped a video:
  9. Yeah, MHP doesn’t get me excited as a straight-up WR prospect (But I’m fine with him as an ATH prospect). I don’t know why Nahlin likes him so much when they are Better WR prospects to go after.
  10. Someone in the the pinned IT recruiting prospect thread responded with this post: "Bama 247 is not confident. Their Mod thinks its 50-50."
  11. Ketch said in the livestream that if Hale goes to Bama, it won't be because of NIL.
  12. I just saw a poster in the pinned IT recruiting prospect thread post that Ketch is saying on the current ongoing OB After Hours youtube livestream that Hale looking like he gonna choose Bama. EDIT: Link to the OB After Hours livestream:
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