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  1. Cook was a composite 5-star despite the fact that none of the individual big 4 national recruiting sites had him as a 5-star. So I'm guessing he lost his composite 5-star because Rivals dropped him in their new rankings. It wasn't individually taken away from him.
  2. I know the consensus in this thread is that UT doesn't need a transfer portal OL. But if Christian Jones decides to move on, should UT bring a portal RT to compete with Cam Williams at RT in Spring Football & Fall camp instead of Cam just being handed the RT1 job?
  3. LOL at posters who thought Cojoe is a candidate to be processed in this recruiting class.
  4. TBF, it's about time Carrington finally got a DB coaching job. He's put in too much work as non-position asst coach.
  5. @Elmer_Fudd is right. These past couple seasons Okie St. has had 3-4 starting quality EDGEs on the roster, so Tracee Ford might've not been the starter for them. But UT would've definitely taken Tracee Ford on their roster to compete with Ogufho for the Buck EDGE spot. Tracce Ford was Hornable Mention All- Big 12 in 2019 & 2020: https://okstate.com/sports/football/roster/trace-ford/10279
  6. Quinn better improve this upcoming season, because I expect transfer Card to another program & ball out.
  7. Can someone post these notes that Nahlin just put out?: https://www.on3.com/teams/texas-longhorns/news/day-1-transfer-portal-notebook-as-it-relates-to-texas/
  8. Gonna be interesting to see how the different portal strategies between UT (recuiting on-the-field experienced & productive portal transfer players) and other in-state Big 12 schools like TCU & UH (recruiting portal players who were highly-recruited outta of H.S., but haven't proven it on-the-field yet at the college level) will work out long term.
  9. UGA's 2021-2022 offenses doesn't scare people like the LSU 2019 offense or Bama 2020 offense, despite the fact that UGA's OC, Todd Monken, was a successful Big 12 Air Raid OC at Okie St. & Air Raid HC at Southern Miss. before he went to the NFL. The obvious difference between UGA's '21-'22 offenses and those '19 LSU & '20 Bama offenses is that LSU & Bama had NFL 1st round draft picks at QB1. So I assume that's what's holding UGA's offense back.
  10. UGA's QB1 Stenson Bennett transferred from different colleges multiple times. I don't think he's special or anything. He's just solid dependable experienced starting QB. I expect UGA's offense to really take off if they ever have a legit star QB.
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