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  1. The Cranberries sharts are the worst.
  2. A few things: 1) Momentum from Reagan and GWB (McCain, Huckabee, and Romney as well) 2) Enforced secularism from the far left and lack of support for religious freedom from the traditional left. 3) There really is a moral divide at the philosophical level between the parties that goes deeper than the current candidate. I.E. virtuism and Kantianism vs relativism and subjectivism. 4) Leviathan.
  3. DART is set up to adjust their fares based on incremental costs. Different passes and legs even have different escalations each year.
  4. You buy a ticket to pay the variable costs for DART.
  5. Texas, DFW, Elementary, 80% Title 1. High-performing district and school for their demographics and funding. I'm sure the national averages are a lie. Lies, damn lies, and statistics. IIRC, the grades officially met once a week during lunch or after release. The other duties cut in to office time, but they far from dominate it.
  6. As someone married to a retired teacher, it's ludicrous to say they work 50 hours/week. For an 8:00-3:15 school day: The school doors weren't even unlocked at 7 AM. They unlock at 7:15 and teachers are asked to be there at 7:30. It's more of a suggestion to stay until 4. Daily it's 6 classroom hours and 2 "office" hours with part of that going towards lunch/recess duty on a rotation. If it takes you 4 hours daily to grade and prep, something has gone wrong. It's actually not difficult to do 100% of the grading and prep during the classroom time, which is why most teachers can boogie-out before reaching their 8-hour day at 4. The one thing that is true is that we easily spent a couple thousand getting classroom decorations, tools, and supplies each year. The schools supply basically nothing but room, desks, and a board. Teachers outfit their own classrooms.
  7. Sullivan filed a request for en banc (full bench) rehearing of the writ. One judge must affirm the request by calling for a vote, then there's a vote on whether to rehear the writ petition en banc.
  8. @Skipper. For COVID, we are telling people to go wherever they want. Word on the street is MD Medical in Fort Worth (I-30 and Woodhaven) gets you back to work quickly. At least one just did a CVS drive-thru.
  9. I'll ask their Manager or the HR Manager tomorrow. Probably just a CareNow with how we do things.
  10. Same for Dallas. Had about 30 tested yesterday with results today.
  11. BLM has been co-opted to some extent, but I don't think that necessarily taints the entire thing. The majority of the ground-swell movement probably don't even know what gets marketed on a particular website in the name of BLM.
  12. The difference between transmission rate and R0: R0 is the number of cases caused by a single case. 100 people infect 200 people over the entire course of their illness is R0=2. Time doesn't really matter. Whether this happens over 5 days or a month is the same. Transmission cares less about the total number you infect but more about how often. 100 people infect 15 people each day is B=0.15. So if the time frame between when X gets infected and passes it to Y(s) doesn't change they are 1:1 with each other and B=R/t with t being the days between X and Y(s) contracting the virus. (This is an overt simplification.) Both also ignore community resistance. R0 is still 2 at 190 cases with 10 resisted. B is still 0.15 at 13 cases with 2 resisted.
  13. Yeah. I don't change the rate of unreported cases. I don't really have anything to go off of to make an accurate guess, but it's a safe bet that is does increase as testing lines grow.
  14. Noted. Texas only. I've posted descriptions in previous posts, but I know not everyone has been closely following these threads since March. It's closely related. If you look at the chart in terms of R0 going up and down, while ignoring the actual values (0.09 ~ R0=1), you aren't wrong. The right axis is IFR. Community resistance is plotted arbitrarily.
  15. Transmission rate. I guess this depends on what you define as surge. Cases are still growing; they aren't growing at a pace where they double every 10 days.
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