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  1. That's a nice line from Chuck, which makes me think he didnt come up with it. I usually cant stand Draymond but fuck Chuck's hating ass. I don't know of any other set of analysts who openly hate on the sport they cover and supposedly love. Its sickening.
  2. Yes, but the media has done just about everything to discount deserving LBJ seasons in the past. Now they are pushing him as a overlooked when they have overlooked him for years!!!
  3. Joeger had them playing better and looking like the young collection of good upcoming players that they should be. Just like Atkinson did with the Nets
  4. This seems like the most likely thing and they told him he wasn't going to be kept next yr. He prolly said, "fuck it, I may as well be out now then" Not many other explanations make sense outside of some personal issue that Atkinson is going through. Its not a good look at all for an org that has a shitty history to treat a guy that has been nothing but great for them this way. He exceeded expectations in EVERY way over the last couple years.
  5. The Bucks having a historic defense is a plus for Giannis however Brook Lopez has been amazing defensively this yr and could take away some votes. There is also AD who is having a great defensive season too.
  6. He should be the run away winner as long as they get close to 70 wins. While LBJ is having a great season, I'm really not understanding how there is now this push to make this closer than it really is. He won't win DPOY. He could be in the conversation but definitely not the front runner.
  7. The three song posted are freaking hilarious and actually pretty good songs. I was looking forward to more music from him but this looks like it could be funny for a while. Not sure how much long term play it would have but it could be good for a few laughs
  8. The Clips with their multiple All-defense level players and possibly the Lakers are the only teams that I can see giving them trouble in a series
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