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  1. Nah you are not the only one. Games devolve into 3p contests almost. There was a stretch in the Lakers/Nets game where they shot like 8 or 10 straight threes each on their possessions. Its to the point now that I dont even understand why defenses swing to guys inside the line. No need to double those guys cause 90% of them are not looking to shoot when they go inside the line.
  2. Yeah fuck that. He should have never left the bench area. the players on the floor can "protect" their teammate. Love came through like Link from the Mod Squad.
  3. Weber's post game comments were fucking ridiculous. He sounded VERY nonchalant about what happened. Both coaches should be suspended for a while as well. Clearly they have no control of their teams. The whole coaching staff's main priority in this type of situation is making sure not one guy leaves the bench.
  4. This is complete and utter bullshit. There is no silver lining to this shit. Stop being a fucking fan for just one fucking minute man.
  5. What seems to be lost in this is the kid in street clothes only getting 8 games. He should be just as gone as deSousa should be which is for good.
  6. His shot looks terrible but he hit them. He will get plenty of wide open shots like that as teams will back way off him. Made some nice plays too. Still looks way out of shape but that was somewhat expected with him not being able to run until relatively recently. It will be interesting to see how he is worked into a larger role since the team had been playing very well without him recently.
  7. Aren't your kids still pretty young? No kids under 14 should see it IMO. No real nudity that I remember. Whole lotta bad language and killin. That said, I enjoyed the shit out of the movie. It was fun with some nice call backs to some old jokes from the earlier movies
  8. Both teams and coaching staffs need to be HAMMERED with suspensions. Sousa should be done for the yr for grabbing the chair. The kid in street clothes should be done for a yr whenever he is ready to play. Both coaches should get at least a game for having no control over their teams. Anyone that was in the scrum should get a game or two. Depending on what they did in the scrum after reviewing the vid many should get more games. Anyone that left the bench but didnt get into the scrum should get a game. If it means you have to forfeit a game or two then so be it. Fuck that rotating suspension shit. That was crazy dangerous. It was reported that the area they were in was for disabled fans. Thank God none of the players fell on any of them and hurt them.
  9. They shouldn't. If he and KD are at full strength with Dinwiddie, Caris Levert, Jarrett Allen, DJ, and Prince they should have more than enough to compete. That roster without Kyrie and KD was able to win 42 games last yr. Add a top 3 player and a top 10-12 player should be able to compete with anyone. That isn't even the problem though with his statement. The problem is ran off a list of players that he thinks are the core leaving off players who are on the team and in the rotation now. How should they take that? Especially when you consider they have a better record this yr without Kyrie. Everyone made a big deal last yr when it was known that basically anyone on the Lakers not named Lebron was trade bait. It certainly seemed to have an effect on the team's play and LBJ never actually said he didn't want any particular player on the roster publicly. Kyrie just did. Then his 2nd set of comments about how great he is and how he has the right to talk about the changes they need only made it worse. He is an amazing player but he is also very clearly an asshole and not a good teammate
  10. no different than the webber/penny trade IMO. We needed a PG more and if we could have got Ja and 3 firsts for Zion I would have done it 100 times out of 100
  11. Yeah man, I was hoping we could have jumped up to 1 or 2 to get him. Zion may actually be good but I've always felt Ja was the better prospect and if I had the #1 I would have traded down to some extra picks and been VERY happy taking Ja
  12. These Kyrie quotes the last couple of days is proof positive that he is exactly the issue that the media has been reporting all these yrs.
  13. They did horse for a couple years and every one complained about how boring it was.
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