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  1. They started putting Gobert in PnR situations, forcing the switch and letting Murray kill him. That isn't as easy to do with AD who an at least slow Murray. I'm sure they will adjust and at least compete but its a taller order against the Laker bigs.
  2. Good grief on the ref/conspiracy shit. Jokic was able to dominate in the last rounds cause he was either bigger or better skilled than all of his matchups. Against Dwight/Javale and AD he has guys that close to the same size/strength but quicker and far better defenders than anyone he's faced. They dont require help nearly as much so Jokic wont find as many open teammates. He also let Dwight frustrate him and bait him into stupid fouls. He will have better games but will have trouble dominating like he did before. The Lakers played great defense on him and on Murray. The others on the team will need to be able to get points on their own. Outside of MPJ I dont really think they have anyone who can do that consistently. It could be a quick series if they dont.
  3. Yeah him and Fuck Kyle Lowry flop constantly and the refs constantly give them calls. Makes it hard not to hate both of them
  4. Just think, there were people who were saying that he and Theis was a toss up.
  5. That is my point. There were many saying he was on LBJ's level. There were even a few idiots who said if he won another title and FMVP he would be top 5 all time. Completely insane but still. Its just awful quiet for a guy that many had the best in the league right now to fail so miserably and its pretty much be gone in 24hrs. Shit there are more people who are now saying that LBJ got let off the hook and already trying to minimize a possible Laker title than actually talking about how catastrophic of a failure this was for Kawhi.
  6. hahahahaa, one actually belongs in a GOAT convo and the other never did. Even if he had won another title and FMVP he isnt on that level.
  7. For all the people who were saying Kawhi was on LBJ's level this season he sure as hell isnt getting killed like LBJ would if went out like this in a game 7. The talk would be non-stop and all the naysayers would be out stroking themselves about how right they were about LBJ's lack of killer instinct.
  8. 7 games like that BOS/MIA game 1 would go a long way to making 2020 better. What a fucking game!! Capped off by an alltime great defensive play.
  9. Somewhere in the last offseason thread, I said "They are the Clips, they will somehow fuck it up". Even I couldnt imagine this one. Blowing 13+ pts leads in 3 straight games after being up 3-1??? That is about the Clipper-est shit ever. Couldn't happen to a more deserving group. All up and down that bench they have guys that I cant stand. They even picked up Joakim Noah, Reggie Jackson and one of the Morrii. Fuck all of them. GLORIOUS!!!!!!!
  10. Well...............................that was GLORIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I really hope they can pull it off but I wouldn't bet on it either. They do have a nice base between those 3 and Gary Harris. I dont think they have the mental fortitude to win at a high level but I do think MPJ will grow into more of an alpha so maybe that changes
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