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  1. Ghost Funk Orchestra I stumbled on to this last week. 70's style psychedelic music. Really good stuff
  2. Players stayed with teams they were drafted by because the FA rules were different. Unrestricted free agency didnt even start until 1988. https://www.nba.com/suns/history/impact-tom-chambers-and-unrestricted-free-agency#
  3. And Holiday avg'd less than that. While the rest of the roster was G-league level most of the seasons. Just saying that they werent healthy together a whole lot. So a top 5 guy and top 30 guy that arent healthy much and surrounded by below average talent isnt going to result in many playoff spots particularly in the west. The one season both were healthy (AD played 75 and Jrue played 81 and had a half season with Boogie) is the season they beat POR in the first round. No argument on Gentry though. He's mediocre at best and should be exhibit A when people saying NBA teams are racist in hiring coaches. hahahahahahahhaha There is no way in hell he should have been an NBA coach for 20 yrs.
  4. Lol what? Who was the top 5 player on the Warriors? Ugh, Steph, who was injured most of the yr which is my point.
  5. A team with AD and Holiday should make the playoffs every year, regardless of what the front office does with the rest of the roster. That's a top 5 and a top 30 player. Neither of them were consistently healthy and the roster was filled out with G-league level guys most seasons. That same recipe led to about 25-30 wins for GSW this season
  6. Wow, kinda surprised Tatum is getting odds and not just part of "the field" I'm not sure who will win it. I just know Giannis wont win it. I dont care what he does, he isnt winning 3 in a row. Harden won't get another either. AD/LBJ will more than likely have the same issue KD/Steph did so I think both are out barring crazy seasons. The more I look at the list, its prolly Luka's to lose barring injury.
  7. Nits to pick: Grant Hill was traded. TMac wasnt a superstar when he signed.
  8. What big time FA signed with any of those franchises back then? Horace Grant going to ORL is about the only one I can think of and he was not a superstar. Superstar players have always moved toward the media centers. And even through all of that no one will touch the Knicks. If you build a good team FAs will come to you. You can build a good team anywhere.
  9. Dude I was confused at why you seemed bent about his comment in the first place. That was the point of the jags fan gif. Taking offense of nothing is far more wife-like IMO. But do you boo-boo
  10. To be fair, this doesn't really seem like "fighting": but carry on with the martyrdom
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