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  1. I just saw he has a full no trade clause. Guessing would cost some bucks to get him to waive that. Pretty standard these days I guess.
  2. The 6 year contract may make him tradeable at some point. If he continues to play well he could be a July piece for someone, some year, assuming Twins are not in contention. Physicals not withstanding.
  3. So for a couple million more per year he gets to play for Wild Cards instead of World Series with his buddies. Funny how life turns out. But he can work on his commentary skills during the ALCS.
  4. Love em or hate em that was a helluva game by TCU. Played hard, got some breaks, made some breaks and held on. We’d all take that effort 6 days a week and twice on Saturday.
  5. Michigan fans with that blank stare of disbelief.
  6. No. Texas losing is bad for Texas. Texas winning is good for Texas. Shouldn’t make a shit what anyone else does. This isn’t complicated.
  7. I totally get the bowl games are meaningless exhibitions. I’m actually not upset about guys sitting out for that reason. Let’s get a head start on next season. See who can play. For some reason Sark acted and talked like there were no other runningbacks on the roster. Had a perfectly good runningback in Brooks and who knows with Blue. We knew ahead of time that Robinson wasn’t a RB1. He actually shouldn’t be a rb at all. The whole thing was dumb and unexplainable. This was a good chance to give them both extended carries. Seems perfect for a bowl game. Puzzling why we chose to feature Robinson. Baxter better be the man next year. Not sure Wisner is a runningback, could see Blue leave and who knows with Brooks after the lack of use last night. Runningback is all of a sudden a question mark to me. Not for lack of talent but for lack of sensible game plan. I go back and forth with Sark. Off the field, at the podium he checks a lot of the boxes and the recruiting has reflected that. It’s where the rubber meets the road on Saturdays where I still have my doubts. I really think he should give up play calling and manage the game better. His play calling can be genius and remedial booger eating frustrating all in the same drive.
  8. We have a lot of freshmen making plays and some good freshmen incoming. There’s talent here. I’m not always sold that the coaching talent is here. Especially when Brooks is back on the bench.
  9. Brooks positive yards every time. He probably won’t be on the field next possession.
  10. Working his way back to being our utility guy for $15 million
  11. Conforto to Giants. Pretty much all the big free agents are gone.
  12. If you use terms like “fast rising” and “ultra productive” in place of their ranking, or lack thereof, you might have just signed some bread.
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