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  1. Can't wait until tipple fake gay dumbledore calls in next week.
  2. We're sorry, but we can't do an episode today. Jake couldn't get out of bed after watching his 4th round quarterback lose to the Cardinals. Maybe CeeDee didn't sniff his finger enough. We vow to be back tomorrow. Love you Bob v. Corby tennis match ftw.
  3. Norm bachelor talk was gold. Need to know what was dropped.
  4. Grant and Nick Boone segment was great.
  5. I gooooot aaaaa driiiiiiiiiiiiinkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing probleeeeeeeeeeeeem
  7. Shit, isn't a pot bet like $300 at that point? Does UTG cover you? Is he an OMC? I'm probably just ripping it in, yea. That kind of raise reeks of 99-QQ. I'm good with flipping with the dead money in the middle.
  8. He covers you? You’re basically 110bbs deep against a sometimes wild player. Snap get it in. If his range ever raise/folds then it’s printing money for you. Edit: lurch HH
  9. It’s threesheets but you know that hater alters them.
  10. Ham killed it on concert calendar with the drops.
  11. Fantastic. https://x.com/nba/status/1690566528951848960?s=46&t=KPoRIxmOMK7Csv8N3Yd4Cg
  12. George's cough-medicine-induced gigglefest about the ear muffs this morning was fantastic.
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