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  1. I hope this is not a sign of things to come. Harlan took over in 2005. The rejected GTS barrels were distilled in 2006.
  2. Word round the campfire is Michters is releasing the Toasted barrel again. Next month. Last time it was in 2018, and it was awesome.
  3. So, you are saying its a middle of the road sipper, borderline mixer?
  4. Has anyone had the chance to try the new EHT Warehouse C?
  5. Made Alton Brown's Aged Egg Nog last Jan. I used Bourbon in it, so it should qualify. Broke it out today instead of pie, for dessert. Most excellent. Follow up pour is a '18 WLW. Also most excellent
  6. Had the Parker's Heritage 11 back in '17 ,and I remember it being quite good. I'll keep an eye out for the 2020,. Even if it underwhelms, contributing to a good cause will take out some of the sting. This last week, an EHT Rye, a WLW and an OFBB came to finish out the last few months of their rather longish lives at my house. Disappointed that I didn't get a GTS this fall, but I really can't complain with a straight face.
  7. I got EHT Rye last Thurs in Okla, so I don't think they skipped a year. Stuff has come at odd times this year. MWND, and W12 also came the same day
  8. Good start to the weekend. A Weller Single barrel and a bottle of the EH Taylor 18 year. Buddy said I should go buy a lottery ticket
  9. Anyone tried the recent Michters 10 release? i’ve got one available for 126+, but the last couple of bottles were just ok, compared to 2-3ish years ago. and, FFMinnick
  10. I've never sold a bottle, but I would definitely trade a unopened 4 grain for a WLW, or 2 GTS.
  11. I'm hoping for something in the $80 range. Hard to spend more, when my regular connection keeps me in all my favorites below retail. Glad the recs worked for you. Cant seem to get downtown without making a stop in both places.
  12. Daughter works for a wholesale wine distributor. One of her customers has one set back for me. Curious about a fair price. My normal connection through her has always been at MSRP for everything, but this is a new connection.
  13. Anyone have an opinion on a fair price for the E H Taylor 4 Grain?
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