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  1. I am too lazy to search this thread and too dumb to find what I'm looking for so far. Are all tickets for the Big 12 tourney GA? We are considering a drive up this weekend if Texas advances (no jinx no jinx), and want to figure out if I can just buy tickets day of if that happens. hookem
  2. Looking for 4 tickets for the TCU game on April 10th. Let me know if you have any to sell
  3. With all the CA jabronis paying $750k+ for shitty tear down houses in my Austin neighborhood, I thought this was happening already, but after spending a week in SB this summer and deciding I needed to live there, I did some research. Basically, it seems that one can buy a double-wide trailer on the side of the freeway in Ventura for like $850k. Guess I'm stuck here in ATX until I win the lotto.
  4. Thanks for the advice - and topo thanks for your experience. Still trying to figure out if we actually want to do this, and Durango is in the lead mostly because it's a slightly bigger city and might offer more opportunities for summer day camps for the kids while we have to put in work hours. Telluride is definitely far beyond our budget but probably my favorite place in Colorado that I've ever been to. I see the convenience in a condo or townhome but blergh, would love to have space and not share walls. I do think about moving full time down the road, especially as climate change makes summer here less and less bearable (no CR, just the facts), and also like the idea of being able to make rental income when we aren't using it. We would hire a property manager for when we are not in town, which does eat into income, but would cut down on hassle some. Prices for rentals throughout the summer seem to be at least $300/night for anywhere decent, and some places are already booking up for 2022. Renting a place for two months in Durango in the summer is pretty damn pricey - a 12 night stay at a pretty basic 2 bedroom house outside of Durango was around $5k - would much rather be investing in property than dumping $10k+ every summer. NM is cheaper, but rental prices are not going to be as high. I just prefer Colorado overall (I know Durango is full, but so is Austin - ATX will be happy to lose us for a period of time). I think we are going to start out by spending a couple weeks in Durango next summer and go from there.
  5. We are considering buying a vacation home/rental/land in either in New Mexico or southern Colorado. The purpose of this would be to GTFO of Austin in the hellscape that is July/August with our boys (7 and 5) since we can both work remotely, and then rent out at other times to make some income/offset the costs. We have not spent a ton of time in either area - been to Ruidoso once which we loved, and been around many parts of Colorado but never for longer than a week or so. Looking for an area that is not crazy pricey (i.e., most of the mountain areas near Denver are too expensive, and are also a bit far north if we are driving from ATX). Loved the scenery around Ruidoso but worry that it's kind of a crappy area otherwise? Curious what your favorite mountain towns are to spend time in and around. Ideas floated so far are Angel Fire, Red River, Taos, Ruidoso, Pagosa Springs, Durango.
  6. $250 is crazy. I'll make him a poster. Already spending too much on a jersey for an 8 yr old.
  7. Nice, thanks. That's a great idea. How long is the walk from the station to the stadium? Not concerned about my 7 yr old, but trying to decide how many complaints from my lazy 5 yr old are worth it.
  8. People. My 7 yr old has asked to bring a friend to a game rather than have a birthday party and I support fully. Best place to buy tickets? Any other tips for kids and games? Looking at Oct 24.
  9. My 7 yr old tells me he wants to forgo a birthday party, he would rather go to an Austin FC game and bring a friend. I am 100% up for this deal and would love to not have to entertain 20 7/8 yr old boys. Anyone have tickets to sell or know the best place to buy? Anyone know if they can put his name up on the screen for a birthday notice and how to make that happen?
  10. Oh my God these fucking announcers are killing me. that’s all. Carry on. Happy to make an appearance on this thread after all these years.
  11. Let me know if you have super regional tix for saturday night you want to sell for a reasonable price. Looking for 2, but could potentially take 5 if we decide to let the kids stay up that late. could potentially trade my 2 sunday tix, which are in 110 row 7.
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