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  1. It's almost always Ex-Qb's that playcall like that. Quarterbacks in general seem to look at running the ball as a necessity to stay somewhat balanced rather than an offensive philosophy. Ex-defensive guys and Ex-OLinemen seem to call a game more to my liking more often than not. You can adjust to getting lit up through the air (just keep throwing DB's out there) but when you're just bludgeoning a team on the ground for 5 yards per carry It's demoralizing and very complementary to your defense by limiting possessions and giving long breaks.
  2. It somehow makes it worse that they don't drink beer or cuss. My mom's side of the family are huge Utah fans so by proxy I also support the Utes. Dealing with the zoobs (byu fans) is no fun.
  3. Should double down and make one for the OOC schedule.
  4. Definitely a Houston thing. They have the most cringe inferiority complex to anything Dallas.
  5. Sark better be told "score as many points as absolutely possible and don't stop. I want 100" when Texas plays at Houston.
  6. It's the principle for me. And the another example of the conference acting like a petty cock sucker.
  7. The Big 12 is going to be extremely irrelevant moving forward. Was just thumbing through Twitter about the Big 12 schedule release. A fan from every Big 12 fanbase said the same thing "we better be playing Texas or Oklahoma" Nobody else moves the needle. Even TCU fresh off a National Title appearance. Nobody gives a fuck about them.
  8. So essential they're just delaying the inevitable so they can say "see, we're just as good as Texas"
  9. A "themed" night game everywhere on TV will be a horns down and some kid that wanted to go to Texas but we didn't offer will be brought up 36 times. God, we're in hell.
  10. Why do I just fucking know this dick head of a conference is gonna make us go to Houston?
  11. The amount of cronyism in the Texas government is a fuckin clown show. And the straight up dysfunction and dick measuring that takes place from every school when it comes to anything UT is really fuckin tired...... Whether it be PUF, new system schools, conference affiliation. And other schools act like Texas has an ego. For fuck sake.... Houston, you are not an academic peer to UT. And now the government boned the citizens of Houston because cougar high thinks they should be "THE" university in Houston. What a fuckin joke.
  12. So Texas conceded to UH? What was the argument even about? Why was cougar high even involved?
  13. Whatever ended up happening with that Houston campus? I remember there being a big hearing with Bill McRaven and Fenves with Renu Khator throwing a fit about it. Whatever ended up coming to be?
  14. There's a question that's already been answered but people seem to forget. Is Alabama great because they're Alabama, or because Nick Saban is their coach? The Crimson Tide was 4-9 as recent as 2003. To think Texas and Oklahoma are relinquished to eternal bridesmaids to the rednecks in Tuscaloosa and Athens is laughable. Darrell Royal was undefeated vs Bear Bryant. As soon as this university decides to stop stepping on their own dick and go all in on football it could dominate college football and especially the SEC.
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