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  1. yes it works but it runs slow so I think it needs more Quartz. I am sorry I do not know where to get it
  2. no she was very tall but had been in a wheelchair for awhile.
  3. That one is a scam Ebay www address is too long they would never do that you should change your password
  4. I don’t know It is very rare though
  5. ASHLYNN has been sold, thank you
  6. It appears to be a Pantry of some sort That is what they call it at Mattel
  7. River Also I have spare parts pm for details
  8. Are you infertile, Is your wife unable to have children due to no fault of your own, or are you homosexual? Do you collect babys? If you answered yes to one or all of those questions I can help! These New Real Born Babys need to find their forever homes! I have 14 in various colors. Boys and Girls. There are no Asian babys. These are for the most part brand new (in bags) and are highly prized for collectibility. $500 each Martin
  9. Do you have a special girl in your life. This ULTRA RARE Cracker Barell Barbie sure is sweet as a bowl of Yams! A VERY LIMITED NUMBER OF THESE BARBIE’S WERE MADE before production was stopped for putting too dark a dye in the Skin Tank. They were therefore rejected by the Cracker Barell Corporation and ordered destroyed because they could not sell them. But not all of them were!!! THESE ARE CURRENTLY VERY RARE DUE TO A RECALL BY THE CRACKER BARELL CORPORATION. THERE WILL BE NO MORE AFRICAN CRACKER BARELL BARBIE’S. Some Barbie’s have been sold on Ebay for over a Thousand dollars. THERE IS NO REASON TO BELIEVE THIS WILL NOT DO THE SAME AND MORE. This Error Barbie is surely prized for collectors of Barbie’s will surely arise in value in the future. This Cracker Barell Error Barbie can be yours for $140. Do not wait.
  10. Do you love America or do you know somebody who does. This Antique one of a kind clock from 1846 made by K company would make the perfect gift for your loved one. It is very shiny and is in great shape and would make the perfect gift for your loved one who was in The Service. *Please note this is a Quartz clock and it may be difficult to find those nowadays.
  11. yes You but would have to lay them head to feet
  12. this one had a hole but it has been patched with bondo and sanded, it is not noticeable
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