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  1. Ok well when the next person you know dies Hit Me Up I guess
  2. these can also be customised by adding a picture or a flag on the top.
  3. yes for that many I can ship what country well you be using these In
  4. They are designed to put the worms in with the cadaver then they will eat the whole thing instead of just the meat parts. Because they are trapped in the box.
  5. Have you ever wondered what happens when you die. Probably you will have a funeral but who will pay for it now that you are dead. Your family. If you ever had a family member that is dead did you ever look at the receipt. Probably not but one of the things they make you have is an expensive casket. Not any more. And how are they going to pay for it because you don't have a job or insurance anymore. They can cost over tens of thousands of dollars or more. You minus well get buried in a shipping container. Well don't worry Casket's are now available. These are made by artisan craftsman, they are Asian. I have two Editions, a split top if you want open casket or full top if the cadaver is not suitable for display 100 % Pine Verneer they are lined with plastic and have a soft comfortable lining Regular Person Size (Somebody Who Is Short Like A Child Might Have Balance Issue So Fill Empty End With Sand Bag When Interring ) 73 available $60 Split Lid Style $50 Close Casket Style The more you buy the more you save Act Now porch pickup in Wylie. in California this product may cause cancer, birth defects or otherreproductive harm these are not license for home use by the Utah Board Of Necrology And Cremation Not Intended For Use Outside The United states
  6. Just in time for Christmas, I have obtained this for you or anyone else who would like to adopt! Surprise. He might be only 3 pounds and 19" long but he'll be BIG before you know. Its name is Champ it loves sports. it has been hand painted. $600 PPU in Sunnyvale
  7. I can meet you in Quinlan let me know eight hours before you want to meet . They are not very fast
  8. you can also change 40$ for cutting grass but you will want to buy a separate mulch attachment if you want riders at the same time
  9. Hello. Are you looking for a turn key opportunity to own your own business. Do you like children. Or you have lots of children but not enough room in your van. This is the opportunity for you You are now able to purchase custom Thimmos the Train train’s, and bring them to parties and whatnot for children and train enthusiasts . You can add more barrells the wheels are available at Lowes . You can charge up to $500 for a party there are 4 available pick up in Tawakoni area make an offer
  10. Also how do you know that the are real Nazi coins. Is there a date in them
  11. Hello, how many dollars do you want for these. Also where can I pickup And is it 6 % off that ?
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