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  1. Wordle 419 5/6 Don’t know why this one took so long to see.
  2. Wordle 417 2/6 Thought I was doing good, only to come post here and see 3 others before me with the same score.
  3. Sister-in-law has an XT-4 or something SUV and my brother found out the hard way that there is no spare on the vehicle. Cadillac service department must make a killing on all these service calls.
  4. So I was catching up on this season's episodes last night, and at one point my wife looks up from her phone and says "You watch some confusing shows. None of this makes sense." I laughed and agreed with her and explained this is season 4 of a show that is hard to keep track of if you've seen every season so probably useless for me to try to recap at this point.
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