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  1. Again, clueless on everything. FSU will be the de facto home team in Orlando. Have you ever looked at a map? Yikes
  2. We played two power 5 nonconference games during the seasons we won NCs. Two of those games were at neutral sites against highly ranked teams. As I stated in the post you responded to, UGA has scheduled much tougher series going forward than the ones you listed for LSU. And we had OU scheduled for 2023 but the SEC forced us to cancel. Also, LSU is not handicapped by a power 5 instate rivalry we play every year and a neutral site SEC game. These combine to take one home game away from us every year and make it more difficult to schedule tough nonconf games, although as I have stated repeatedly, we schedule regardless . So fuck off with your BS one-offs vs UCLA and FSU. Those were weak-ass games when you schedule them and you still managed to embarrass the league and lose them. Pathetic!
  3. Actually it does? Our schedule was ranked higher than any Big XII teams' schedule this year, btw. It makes zero sense to discount nonconformist games against ranked teams because they are at neutral sites. BTW, Charlotte is a home game for Clempson if Atlanta is for UGA. If you followed CFB, you would realize UGA has had more crushing losses in Atlanta than anywhere else since 2017. No offense, but you are completely clueless on this.
  4. B1G fans will celebrate. All they have is their TV ratings. I am always amazed at how many people watch Ohio St, Mich and Penn St. But UGA-Oklahome in the 2018 Rose outdrew UGA-Ohio St this year and are the two most viewed semifinals since 2014 I believe.
  5. I don't think anyone had TCU, but nearly everyone of note had two of UGA/Mich/Ohio ST. And the three he missed weren't even close. It wasn't like he had USC or Tenn.
  6. This is kind of the point. No true road games. They aren't going into Clemson or going up to Oregon. Florida is in a neutral site but I'll give them that because it's always been like that at least as long as I can remember. Bama does the same stuff. OU was scheduled as a road game. We play Tech in a true road game every other year. It is an in-state rivalry and a tradition for both schools. The Clemson and Oregon games were against highly ranked opponents away from home. You can't just ignore those. We played at ND in 2017 and have road games at Texas, Ohio St, FSU, UCLA, Clemson and others on the schedule in the future. https://ugawire.usatoday.com/lists/georgia-football-schedule-with-future-nonconference-opponents/ The programs you should be questioning are Alabama, which has played one nonconf road game in the past 12 years, Aub, Tenn and LSU, which have 4 nonconf openings every year and no neutral site SEC games like UGA and UF do. They should be playing two P5 nonconf teams and a nonconf H&H every year.
  7. We had OU in Norman scheduled, but the SEC asked us to cancel it due to the impending expansion. So we had to replace them with another program that had an opening on that date and Ball State was apparently available. It does suck. We played Clempson in Charlotte last year and Oregon in Atlanta this year. This is in addition to the GT rivalry and the UF game in Jax every year.
  8. And then he picks TCU. Yikes, there has to be a Heisman winner out there who can do better than him ....
  9. Vitale and Raftery for CBB are the best and have been since the 80s. Nessler for CFB is great, but Danielson is less than great. Don't hate any announcers like some though. I don't listen to them enough to care.
  10. Just counterproductive and disingenuous that they would leave the P-12 for the B!G. That's sad. They are literally the heart of the P-12 and are leaving everyone else high and dry for a league that wins national titles in the major sports as often as there is snow in LA. At least the Texas/OU move makes sense geographically and culturally.
  11. Last year in the playoff, we had OB in Miami then Indy. Does Miami really count as the SE? Play Mizzou every other year as well. Rose Bowl and ND in 2017.
  12. Said the same in the stadium to my friends. He actually snapped it on first down with 37 seconds on the play clock. Not sure our staff cared. We just wanted to score, but with two TOs and more than a minute left inside the 10, you 100% let the clock run down.
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