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  1. Exactly. @closetojumping the white trash and rednecks are closer to your neck of the woods. The Horns keep moving up in civilized circles - SWC to Big XII to the SEC.
  2. Lol, and how would you describe the SWC and Big XII? Or your state? You’re not Harvard or Stanford, fyi. 😄
  3. What do you consider Texans? 😄
  4. Yes, we should just hand degrees to athletes like so many others….
  5. What’s the difference?
  6. Way off on the college town and campus aspect. 😁
  7. We threw him out - https://www.al.com/alabamafootball/2013/07/nick_sabans_1095_million_lake.html
  8. We had OU scheduled in Norman and the SEc canceled it. So we made our non conference schedule with two P5 programs on it, unlike most other SEC teams. And we do that every year.
  9. Tenn, Mizzou and Ole Miss are each ranked and we played them consecutively, then we played Tech. Then the seccg. That was the hardest stretch anyone played all year. We would be favored over any team in America on Dec 30.
  10. Georgia played the toughest schedule of FSU and Mich. Nonconf win at GT was tougher than any nonconf Mich played. And our conf slate was obviously much tougher than either.
  11. So are ucf and miami. If Travis doesn’t return, fsu won’t be good. Clempson will be preseason top 15 if not 10. Tech will be much better and may be ranked by the time we play them. Our schedule is just as tough as UF’s. If not tougher.
  12. That was 2010 before Womack was given the responsibility.
  13. Yes, I’m sure that’s what it is.
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