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  1. Two senior leaders turning the ball over late is super frustrating.
  2. A. Morris hit a big three right when Powell drove in that last run. I peed a little.
  3. Man, really enjoying this team. Confidence is building. Chip on their shoulder; hopefully it stays. Just need Mitchell D. to get his bay going.
  4. This guy’s breaking ball is causing some problems for us. Him hitting Kennedy helps!
  5. Who let Tech put their commercial with the Crabtree play on our network? Heads need to roll.
  6. Is it me or do we seem to make more base running mistakes than other teams . . . including last year. Feels like my church softball team sometimes.
  7. It’s like the refs don’t like how good Texas is playing on defense, so FOUL
  8. Gorgeous Eyes and Baby Face O’Dowd crushed Tech’s soul tonight.
  9. So why did the Kash kid at Tech transfer outta here?
  10. Like all of us, I’m really curious to see if what we’ve seen the last 10 games can translate against Tech. Are we really a different team than the one that lost 12-2 to Vandy and dropped 2 of 3 to CSF.
  11. My early season (unprovoked) negative feelings toward J.O. have waned a good bit. The guy is a threat, as long as he makes pitchers throw strikes.
  12. Sooooooo happy with the defensive plan and effort tonight. To go 1-13 from three and still get the dub means we’re doing so many other things well. Disu can feast on teams that don’t have a strong inside presence. Haven’t watched Xavier or Pitt to know if they have legit rim protectors or not. Dish’s touch has been so impressive lately.
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