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  1. Secret chapter. He is writing it right now. Man, can't wait. I will be the only one of my friends to own this masterpiece!
  2. BTW I bet I am the 1st person to buy his book in 20 yrs. For real.
  3. BTW see ya later. almost out rep. One girl will finish me off.I am at -70 despite great brisket/steak posts. Dont care. Not the same shaggy.
  4. he wouldnt drive it. he had a bad bus story. you dont know. several investors. I was asked to invest. I was like naaa. this book couldve been $50 and I wouldve bought it. My buds are going to love this!
  5. i am a simple man. Alhough, I am pretty sure I am the only guy that will own this book. Don't hate. Yes shipping is high. Inflation.
  6. Now come down on me CR gods! I will be a legend with my buds when I come back to ATX for a game.
  7. LOL I just found his book. I way over paid but worth it!
  8. I am trying to order Bob's book. LOL for real there is a website.
  9. He wasnt cruel. That dog loved me. He did do that with the AC but in Oct he just tied her off. Bob was a good guy. I know we met if you know this. I literally had place right next to him for 4 yrs. Now that lot doesn't exist. We should have a thread about his "bus" and his book. lul
  10. BTW peace out. About to be banned again. Never an issue on old shaggy. I have pissed off the CR elite (most mods included) so old school UT guy like me is done.
  11. you piss in waller creek next to my tailgate? Also, you ever feel bad about Bob's dog tied to the bumber of his white F250 while went to games? lul
  12. 2008 OG. I scatted shaggy bad. Y'all have no clue what i had to see to that (tjhooker)... Anyway, I am about to be smoked again. I even showed boobs of my ex wife from ring cam. This site isnt the same at all. very much like like hornfans 2000. I was a Bob wheeler acquaintance in the site wars. He tailgated next to me at Waller creek,
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