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  1. Oh damn. Yeah looks like he wasn't expecting it but definitely should have caught that. I haven't seen the whole game yet. Only got to see the first quarter. I thought you were talking about the opening drive when the DL got a hand on the ball and the ball went straight to the ground by Whitt's feet and the dumbass announcers were like "and Whittington just drops that ball" lmao. I was pissed. Trash ass announcers saying he dropped it and the ball never even got to his hands. But yeah it sounds like everyone had the drops this game.
  2. FYI, no those were 2 different RPO plays. AD was a solo receiver on his play. He had the luxury of lining out wider which allows you to work in space better. He only had 1 corner on him which was manned up with no outside help. Corner has to respect any outside move since he's on an island. Whit was lined up in the slot on his play with a receiver to his outside. 2 defenders. Whit's defender didn't have to respect any outside move since they were likely in inside/outside coverage, meaning he's letting an outside route go to his teammate and he really only needs to bite on inside stuff. Plus he's playing it tighter since there's less spacing due to Whit being in the slot instead of lined up wider. Also, look at the throwing lanes. Quin had to put Whit's ball up high because the LB didn't bite on the play action as much as he did for AD's. Lots of little subtle differences there that add up.
  3. True. And that was fucking hilarious to watch. More to do with an extremely dominant OL though.. basically like what JWhitt had in his state title game. It would be a great idea if our OL was Banks x 5.
  4. The problem is when you run a wildcat, that will MAKE them stack the box. a WR/RB that's a wildcat QB will run it 99 times out of 100 so teams just stack the box for it... especially if you pair a wildcat QB with a double tight end set. I think the only way a wildcat QB would work is if you actually keep spread receivers out in a normal formation and have a wildcat QB that actually can throw it and you run it enough times that you do throw it enough to make it a credible threat. I don't think wildcat QBs work unless you have someone with a body like Vince or Cam Newton where you were naturally an athletic RB that knows how to play QB damn good too. Or someone like RoJo that was formerly a QB that bulked up to play RB. But even then, Sark didn't throw it enough with RoJo back at QB to make it a credible threat, so everyone just stacked the box again.
  5. The state title game where he broke the rushing record was as a wildcat QB. I think he even did a little wildcat QB his freshman year under Herman before he got injured. I think that's the only reason they would go with Red over JWhitt this year. No reason to risk him getting injured on a gimmick play that already has a low chance of success anyway.
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