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  1. Apparently I bruised some egos and I think that's hilarious. I don't understand the lack of self awareness some Texas fans have regarding their roll in realignment, and the fact that they've been a bad faith teammate throughout the entirety of the Big XII's existence. The conference was born out of mutual benefit for the Big 8 and the 4 SWC schools, but quickly became Texas-centric. And even though you've gotten virtually everything you wanted, it wasn't enough. Then you act like you should be thanked on your way out for hanging out as long as you did? Blow it out your ass. If you're so all important and great like you think you are, you could have worked to build the Big XII into the leading conference instead of just enriching yourselves. Bunch of crybabies. Getting horns down penalized, your basketball coach crying about how Tyrese Hunter was treated in Ames (I don't condone yelling 'Fuck Tyrese', but he's a grown ass man who made the decision to get paid and can live with the consequences). Bitching about some conspiracy by the Big XII against you when you've gotten more calls than almost any team over the history of the conference. There have been some fun games, and most of the Texas fans I've interreacted with in person have been pretty cool, but I won't miss your elitist bullshit. Good luck in the SEC. Can't wait until you push for some super league/NFL lite system and blow up that league as well. Forever and always, 🤘👇, and Go Cyclones!
  2. Just realized that this is your second of two games outside the state of Texas...crazy how that works. Wish Hufford had kept his mouth shut, but if Texas needed bulletin board material to get up for this game you were boned. You've got a CCG and a potential CFP spot on the line if you just win.
  3. So if I'm making a real prediction here... Going to be a tough out for ISU. Texas is the best team that we've played this year. I don't buy traditional Texas preseason hype, and am very much in the 'prove it' camp, but this year you're doing that. If you aren't 'back', you appear to be very close. Which is surprising I didn't think Sark had it in him. I think culture in sports is mostly a bs buzzword, but your culture was legitimately broken under Herman. I didn't think Sark was the guy to fix it. Keys to the game : Iowa State needs to open up the playbook. Our line is not physical enough to push anyone around, let alone Texas, and the passing game needs to be used to help the run. Our pass protection has been surprisingly good, helped by the fact that Rocco Becht is a smart and talented QB. We've got some WR and TE that can make your life miserable, and our RB can tera you up given the chance. Abu Sama had his breakout game last week against BYU, but the talent has been apparent all year. If the staff decides they want to play conservative like they did against Iowa, Ohio, and Kansas it will be along day for Cyclone Nation. Defensively I think Iowa State needs to be rushing 4 most of the game. Our d-line is not talented enough to get pressure with only 3rushers. Our secondary is talented, but give Ewers time and he'll find a guy. Our defense has been stout under Heacock and I'm confident he'll have a good plan, or at least make the necessary adjustments. We've been ball-hawkish this year so Ewers better watch the turnovers. If Jeremiah Cooper is out at FS your coaching staff would be fools not to attack. We have competent special teams this year! Jaylin Noel has had some great punt/kick returns so watch out for him. FG kicker is competent, 18/22 on the year and long of 56. I wish our punter would get the ball off quicker, but he's been pretty solid. Should be a good game. You guys have the athletes and talent to run away with it, but Iowa State has been surprisingly stout this year. We are an extremely young team, and have been playing better as the year goes on. Wish it was going to be colder, but it should be beautiful football weather. I find it hilarious how cold Texas teams look in November in Iowa. Hope anyone going to the game has a good experience, but expect some ribbing and an 'SEC' chant if you lose. Close one where UT has a good first half but ISU comes back. Texas-24 Iowa State 27. Would love it if it was a walk off field goal like in 2019. 🤘👇
  4. You know I don't know when the Big 10 was kicking the Big 12's ass (other than Iowa-Iowa State, the only frequent matchup). Big 10 gets by because it has large alumni bases and large population centers. SEC (well, at least 4 or 5 teams) is legitimately better than everyone so they get paid. Penn State and Baylor should have gotten the death penalty, and I'm leaning toward MSU as well( won't pretend to know everything about their situation). Even the way the BIG handled this Harbaugh stuff shows the only thing they thought the league did wrong was get caught. Terribly unethical league. Texas arrogance isn't in the same galaxy as those wrongs. Believe it or not, I will miss you guys. I loved the 10 team Big XII. The round robin in football is the way to go, and the double round robin in basketball was a thing of beauty. Up until you and Oklahoma left I was hopeful the Big XII could grab schools from the Pac 12 this round of media negotiations. Realignment sucks. Although with the future membership of the Big XII, I think Iowa State is well positioned to be a competitor in the league, and possibly make a playoff. No strong feelings about baseball. Just not as big of a deal up north.
  5. Lets be clear here: I don't begrudge Texas for moving, but I don't have to be happy about it due to the fact it negatively effects my school. All I'll say is your insufferable arrogance is part of what drove other teams to leave. The attitude of smaller schools (ISU included) caving in to larger schools to keep them around works great...all the original schools that were benefitting most from unequal revenue sharing left anyway. The SEC seems to have figured out that it is greater than the sum of its parts, and it's going to be very interesting to see how Texas' attitude fits in with that. I don't know how all this realignment stuff ultimately plays out, but money is undefeated. If it moves toward a super conference I think that will be bad for the game, if the dust settles a bit now I think a 12 team playoff could be a lot of fun. We shall see.🤘👇
  6. I can only hope that Iowa State can give you guys and your CFP hopes a giant kick in the fellas on your way out the door. I've been predicting ISU will win this game since I saw the schedule and I'll stand by that. I could write some long diatribe about my feeling about Texas and the role they played in the destruction of the Big 8/SWC/Big XII, but I won't. I get why you're leaving for the SEC, and If ISU was in a position to move there or to the BIG, we would. That said, don't expect and hug and a kiss on the way out. 🤘👇.
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