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  1. b_p


    Nice find... Where is that?
  2. b_p


    Try Twin Liquors, especially on Dollar Day.
  3. Nailed it this time.... thanks for the tip. Cooked the sides separately and went straight to the plate after the sear.
  4. b_p


    Highly rated Bordeaux blend from the makers of Harlan Estates. I've never had it, but it appears to appreciate in value quickly. $600/btl would be a good price. The 2014 and 2013 are both going for over $800. If you can do it, I'd buy a 3-pack.
  5. It's funny as hell because you know Jimbo would've never thought of that strategy.
  6. b_p


    Reisling, imo.
  7. b_p


    A couple more good value Syrahs
  8. b_p


    She makes some pretty good Pinot
  9. Introduction teleconference
  10. This is amazing... not one UAL plane in the air right now in this snapshot from Flightradar24
  11. b_p


    A few additions The Guigal is excellent at $25
  12. b_p


    If the Quintessa is the Cabernet, $121 is a steal. And it's really good.
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