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  1. Is his wife still fighting COVID? Not many places better for world-class treatment than Emory.
  2. "Acceptable?" Sheesh, it'd be terrific. Missing on all three of Byrd, Foster, and Donovan Jackson would suck though.
  3. Trey Hopkins and Kent Perkins on a 1st-team All-Decade list... sheesh.
  4. (Mike Roach) Crystal Ballin: Updating predictions on several Texas targets
  5. Chip Brown: Memory of his homeless father's death helps drive Tom Herman giving
  6. (Mike Roach) The Stampede: Predicting the 2021 offensive class
  7. Twitter is telling me Gronk is WWE Champion...?
  8. Nadal and his sister having some fun as well.
  9. (Horns247 Staff) The Roundup: Recapping a busy week on the recruiting trail
  10. If he's going for Shia, he's already there.
  11. Now that you mention it, it's crazy that USC didn't put Bush and White on the field more often. You'd be forcing defenses to make an incredibly tough choice every play. Sarkisian could have done so much more with USC's offensive talent than he did.
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