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  1. Oof. Missed call on set point cost Kiki the first set.
  2. Chip Brown: Five reasons the Texas defense struggled against Texas Tech
  3. 1. Where is Juwan Mitchell's head at? Instead of dropping back to take away the slant he kind of just bounces up and down. By the time he moves the ball is already by him. 2. B.J. Foster's tackling form is more than a little disturbing.
  4. (Scipio Tex) 2020 Texas Tech Postmortem: Defense & Special Teams
  5. Rick Barnes has entered the chat.
  6. Pull what off? Starting strong against an inferior team, then letting then pick apart an unsound and poorly-coached defense, squandering the lead with a terrible 2nd half featuring numerous unforced mistakes, and then finally mounting a frantic late comeback? We did all of that in the Kansas game from last year, and what did it lead to? Losses in three of our next four games.
  7. The defense nearly blew it in regulation. Watch the play with 26 seconds left in the game after we tied the score. T.J. Vasher got behind our secondary and nearly reeled in a backbreaking catch to put Tech in FG range, but luckily his foot caught the sideline as he came down with the ball.
  8. (Mike Craven) Texas report card: Grades are in for the 63-56 overtime thriller at Tech
  9. Serena takes the first set against the American. Back-and-forth affair.
  10. I think he thought one of our receivers could outfight a fucking practice squad Seattle defender for the ball. (He thought wrong)
  11. (Bobby Burton) Texas vs. TTU grades: Defense staff gets taste of Big 12 offense
  12. That looked like #46 Ossai. He over-pursued and the Tech RB simply cut back inside.
  13. Long thread from Ian Boyd on why Herman struggles against teams he should beat (read the replies).
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