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  1. He commented “💯💯” on Stephen Jackson's controversial IG post. Which I'm assuming means he agrees with/supports it in some form or fashion.
  2. Did he? All I saw was that he liked DJax's photo of Louis Farrakhan on IG. Still less than ideal, given all of Farrakhan's obscenely racist statements.
  3. (Mike Roach) Bayou Battleground: Head-to-head battles between Texas and LSU
  4. Tiafoe tested positive. Looks like he got it while traveling to Atlanta.
  5. Finally got around to watching. Entertaining movie with a lot of great performances, dragged on a bit long. Craig's accent was jarring, it probably didn't help that I recently re-watched the Bond movies but it took a bit of time to get used to. But I'm always a sucker for Craig chewing scenery regardless (see Road to Perdition). Of the bit parts I liked Michael Shannon the best. The scene where he confronts Marta in the hallway and bangs his cane every time he speaks is genuinely menacing.
  6. Tillman got hurt early, so he may turn out to be a diamond in the rough we desperately need this season. But Gbenda was flat-out terrible against Kansas. He got the start and was benched by the 2nd quarter. If Mitchell and Overshown are (were) seriously that far behind him before practice's even started, that's a really bad situation. Wonder if Vaughns or (god-forbid) Ossai gets shifted back to LB.
  7. Six-month show cause for a coach with a 10-year, $75 million contract. What a severe blow 😑 was hoping for something more substantial
  8. Unfortunately it's a slap on the wrist, especially since no one's doing in-person recruiting anyway. The $5,000 fine is a joke and the rest isn't much.
  9. If we seriously brought Yurcich in just to run the same offense, Herman will have been wasting everyone's time. Yurcich can and should be given leeway to run his own offensive scheme. Otherwise he'll be about as useful as Tim Beck was last year,
  10. (Chip Brown) The Insider: Black, other newcomers making impression
  11. I must have missed the 2021 draft happening. Declaring Cosmi's 1st-round status as a fait accompli is silly. Until we see how Cosmi and the line adjust to our new offensive coordinator, Herman hasn't turned anyone into a 1st round pick based solely on a few way-too-early mock drafts.
  12. Tell that to our OL targets. Because all blOU and co. have to do is shove these three numbers in front of their faces. 36 sacks allowed (2019) 28 sacks allowed (2018) 34 sacks allowed (2017)
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