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  1. What's up with his smile? Looks more like a grimace
  2. You don't understand. He had sources.
  3. ...by running up the score against out-talented teams like New Mexico, Bowling Green, Boston College, and Stanford. Against the two teams on their schedule with comparable talent levels (UGA and Michigan) his rushing attack was shut down in humiliating fashion and even with an experienced senior QB in Ian Book, the offense ground to a halt.
  4. Not relevant to this year in particular, but a sad article on Rashaan Salaam and how winning the Heisman trophy led to his downfall:
  5. Lol, apparently he re-used his same introductory speech from when he was hired at App State last year.
  6. Dobbins' stats are better than Ingram's. Not a huge accomplishment, since Ingram's stats were pedestrian by Heisman standards and he shouldn't have won (ESPN openly campaigning in his favour is what got him the award). that being said, Bush's 2005 season blows both of theirs out of the water. 1,740 rushing yards at an 8.7 ypc clip, with an extra 500 receiving yards, is flat-out absurd even by today's standards.
  7. LSU's Heisman campaign for Burrow has shifted into overdrive...
  8. Some tremendous takes from when he committed to Baylor:
  9. If you're interested in watching an overdone comedy jam-packed with slapstick, just watch the failed 2016 reboot. Ghostbusters succeeded because it was a serious movie at heart with jokes thrown in along the way. The comedy was deadpan and relied mostly on absurdity.
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