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  1. Yes! We've been paying a shit load of our debt down and saving as much as we can. Started playing tennis regularly and seeing/talking with people I haven't spoken with in a while. Connections. Had a buddy call me yesterday to tell me his wife couldn't take him anymore and they are getting a divorce. I said I was sorry, he said he wasn't. This lockdown was all they needed to see they hated each other and what their lives had become. He's happier than he's been in a long time and working on himself. Heard a few couples broke up from affairs being revealed because of this as well. Ouch, but maybe in the long run it will work itself out as well. Just find it interesting that a lot of people have come out of a fog with this and finally have the time to look around and smell the roses. Like always, some smell shitty, but others are glorious. No pics of the wife yet, TrashMaster G.
  2. Great! Yes, this is what I was looking for. Also heard a few male friends tell me it killed their already doomed relationships. Divorces and break-ups, but all seemed to be ok with it for the most part. Interesting what is happening, good bad and different.
  3. Yes, I'm acutely aware of the pandemic/virus sucking beyond belief and being super shitty. That being said, I've talked with various people that have been affected in some way by this event/disease and there have been some interesting positives, relatively speaking. I was curious if anyone else had some positives they'd like to share? Just for overkill, Yes, I have know people that have gotten Covid, and one has died as a result while the others have recovered. It sucks she is gone, RIP Lee Ann. This is for you, my friend. Positives I've experienced or heard: Still have a job and now will be working from home for the foreseeable future, something I've been dreaming about. Saving a ton of money not driving into I-35 on a daily basis or paying for meals downtown. Spending time with my daughter and wife (No pics, unless I feel like it later) which has strengthened both relationships. People seem nicer, in general and more accommodating. Both work from home so we bang all the time now. I have more, but I want to hear from you assholes. Has there been anything positive happen due to your respective lockdowns? Mods, if I've fucked up and there is already a thread similar to this, feel free to delete and scold me accordingly.
  4. Droopy

    Uniform Pron

    Rams or Chargers? Rargers? Chams?
  5. Why can't wives just answer a question without all the extra fucking bullshit that lead up to the answer. I just need the answer, not details surrounding the answer. Wife is a Teacher Wife: <Something unintelligible> "...easier than paper copies...which is great." Me: "Sorry, I didn't hear what you said. Can you repeat that?" Wife: "Well, the girls and I were talking this morning about the online learning being a pain because we are having to completely learn a new way to reach our kids and being out of the classroom is posing new challenges with the class work and making sure they are getting their lessons completed and learning the material being presented. But, we do enjoy the grading process being much easier than having the paper copies. I can go through and finish each kid completely as opposed to just doing each assignment one at a time, which is great." Me: Ok. So you what you said was "Online grading is easier than paper copies, which is great."? Wife: Yeah.
  6. Glad they left a conference they could easily guarantee to win a national title in...if they were still in the conference?!? The conference that they won that one time? The conference they never dominated ever? The conference that they sniffed the championship game twice in 14-15 years of play? That conference? <JLaw OK.gif>
  7. Let me begin this with the fact that I should have asked more questions prior to purchasing. I know this, but we are both working from home due to virus. Still, I should have asked more questions. For your consideration. Wife (Teacher): Hey, we need to make sure that the printer in the office is working. (Third request) Does it still work? Can I print to it? Me: I believe it's out of ink and not really sure that the computer it was tied to is even serviceable. Wife: Well we need a printer, so I can print stuff out. Me: Ok. I'll look around and see what's available and get us one we can you for work and home. Cut to... Me: Hey, I ordered a printer for us and it will be delivered tomorrow. So, you should be able to print whatever you need out by tomorrow. Cool? Wife: Ok, I don't need to print anything. Me: (Confused look on my face) I thought you said you needed to print something out. That's why I got a printer shipped to us tomorrow. Wife: I just meant that it would be a good idea to have a printer in case we wanted to print something out. I like to print things out from work and write on them. Notes and stuff. Me: You talking about the PDF you're looking at? It has an edit feature and will allow you to comment and add notes to it. Wife: I like to print it out. Like this note pad I have here, i like to take notes on it. (show legal size note pad with notes) Me: Why did I just purchase a printer then if you are just taking notes on a note pad? Can't you just use that?!? Wife: Yeah, but I like to print out the page so I have it. (Looking confused) Can't you use it too? Me: ...yes, I guess I can. SMDH
  8. Suuuuure. I'll join your cult.
  9. Looks great! I've been making a lot of stuff and will come back to post some pics once I figure out a good pic hosting site.
  10. I say this as a life long Longhorn fan, this is a terrible take. Mediocre? Look, I’d like Baylor to go back being our doormat more than most but they just got done kicking our ass and playing for the conf title. They lose a lot and have a new coach, but they are just as likely to jump up and bite our ass again. If he chooses us great, if not fuck him, but don’t act like he’ll just waste his career choosing that shit school.
  11. Yes, but who wins the game tonight? Asking for a friend whose going to lay down $100. It's me. I'm the friend in the scenario above.
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