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  1. Looks great! I've been making a lot of stuff and will come back to post some pics once I figure out a good pic hosting site.
  2. I say this as a life long Longhorn fan, this is a terrible take. Mediocre? Look, I’d like Baylor to go back being our doormat more than most but they just got done kicking our ass and playing for the conf title. They lose a lot and have a new coach, but they are just as likely to jump up and bite our ass again. If he chooses us great, if not fuck him, but don’t act like he’ll just waste his career choosing that shit school.
  3. Yes, but who wins the game tonight? Asking for a friend whose going to lay down $100. It's me. I'm the friend in the scenario above.
  4. “They’re still shitty.” - Major League.
  5. They are getting worked by Indiana and their QB fucking sucks. Like horribad
  6. Calculator/Nerd Talk not going away.
  7. Did I say I wasn’t? They can all get bent, that’s exactly what I’m doing. They can forage in the backyard for all I care. I’ve told them I will cook a meal and they can eat what they like. I have nuts and they do not live in my wife’s purse.
  8. Fucking kill me now. I have not read through the thread recently, so please forgive me if this a repeat of some other poor soul(s). what the fuck is up with all the diet bullshit?!? I just was told 6 extra p pole are coming to dinner. Cool, ok. I wish I’d know sooner but family is family. “Oh wait, your putting butter on your turkey? I can’t do dairy.” “Oh, did you use milk in your cornbread for the dressing? Yeah that’s not going to work I’m doing whole 30.” “I’m only eating carnivor now, and so I brought all the stuff to make my own meat/dairy stuffing dessert and sides from one of meats cheese and pork rinds.” look I’m all for people losing weight, in fact I encourage it, but what the fuck happened to people? How bout not eating 2 desserts after 2 large plates of food. Maybe mix in a walk daily. So tired of all the latest diet bullshit. I need a drink 🥃
  9. unfortunately, not. Just frustratingly posting shit. Fuggin' hate Texas being the butt of most college football jokes, especially from jimbo aggy.
  10. Is it that he is checked out himself? How does he not follow your suggestions above to the letter? This guy is a former shell of his bravado veiled persona that he tried to force to prove he was worthy of the position. It took some doing, but his true colors are showing and he has all but given into the fact that he is a failure at Texas and is just waiting for the shoe to drop. My concern now, is that CDC is not in a position to make a change or does not desire to do it this year, regardless of the glaring red flags being shown. My hope is that CDC is going to do the right thing and fire him and find "his" guy to lead the team. My head says, that CDC will not be that strong and will allow his heart to give Tom one more year provided there are changes. The issue though, is going to be the same position that Charlie found himself in, in that, what coordinators are you going to be able to get, regardless of open pocketbook, to come to Texas for a 1 year chance? No one with the pedigree we would want, but rather some young person/people that have either been anointed the next big thing on O/D or some has been that needs another pay day. Watching the press conference and seeing him act like a dead man walking is just about the worst thing he could do for selling the program and for that he deserves to not make another dime off of the University. As with Charlie, here we are in year 3 with a lot more questions than answers and some serious re-org on the staff scheduled/promised. This band-aid needs to be ripped off and addressed to stem infection and disease. But, instead of removing the band-aid and cleaning the dressing we will get another band-aid with the promise of medicinal properties to get the issue resolved and back up to full strength. The truth is, we are delaying the inevitable and will need serious attention after next year, which is lining up to be just as difficult a climb to any chance of a conference championship, or playing in the game itself. Here's to beating Tech and winning the bowl game, but more importantly, here's to getting Texas back on track and trending up. On a side note, I'd like to tell all of the worthless, motherfuckers talking shit non-stop about the Longhorns, that we are going to get this shit turned around and your sorry ass teams that are enjoying this shitshow will once again be put back into your place as fodder for our team's success. Don't mind the Horns down, but the bullshit fanfare of Texas being done, openly mocked and relegated to the bottom of this shit conference in perpetuity is misguided and wrong. Fuck your "is Texas back?" bullshit question and shove it down your grandmother's throat before Thanksgiving dinner. Eat shit and bark at the moon, you worthless, miserable assholes!
  11. We are what are records says we are. That’s being appreciative of the 3 straight bowls. It sucks but it’s where we are at the moment. These seniors are a part of that and it’s Better than the teams we endured from 2012-2016. Texas Fight.
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