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  1. FWIW, I work in a legal office. My boss is GC and that guy has the best poker face on the planet. I have seen him on several occasions with all levels of information and audiences without even giving out a hint of knowing the details that people are asking/grilling him about. Just absolutely the best secret keeper I’ve ever known. Some people, especially at that level, just have that ability to hide the truth. Motherfucker’s reading comprehension is off the charts too, and if you’re reading this now, I promise I worked today!
  2. RR Dragon class of 96 here. Hoody’s is great!
  3. I hope CDC knows what he is doing. This shit is weighing heavy on my mind. This is truly a turning point for Texas Football.
  4. Droopy

    Caden Sterns

    Yet, their coach finds a way to motivate his team to knock our primadonnas on their ass. Fucking so tired of our floundering. Mack, we’re sorry you fucking made us forc your shitty old hand but let us go from your shitty curse. Fuck! Can we please hire someone that will take this talent to the next fucking level?!?!?
  5. Droopy


    Yet, the coach is the only change, because Sumlin was getting the players and doing fuck all with them. You point to players but they’ve had them. It’s the fucking coach, and this just in... he doesn’t suck. They are doing what they should and We fucking aren’t. Fuck I hate Tom and want a change now! God damn it sucks watching our team flounder because we can’t get a coach worth a fuck
  6. Droopy


    This is what we are chasing. Deal with it, and it fucking blows. Those assholes have a coach, no matter how much they over paid and they are reaping the rewards. FML
  7. Droopy


    Aggy is going to be in the playoffs before Texas and it makes me sick.
  8. Droopy


    After a shit game by the Horns and a long day of drinking, I pulled out a fresh packed Pax. High. Oh Tom. Fuck you man.
  9. "I'm stunned, I'm pissed" Because either way this game turns out, we are for sure going to be feeling this way. Hook 'em Horns, and impose your will upon the Cyclones. 🤘
  10. Nope, shot from the hip, Francis. Off the top of my head, Georgia, Utah, LSU, Oklahoma (2018 until Tom went Turtle and it took the kicker to do it.). Conversely, how many times have we had the more talented team only to get hit in said mouth and fold like bitches? (Too many to list. Thanks Tom!) We can go back and forth, but hoping for the other team's best defensive player to not play so we get a win is fairly weak, imo. You even hedged your statement with, "Don't tar and feather me,..." because you know it's weak. I'll take a win over a loss any day, but won't act like a bitch and hope the other team shows up limping. Did you cross your fingers on each hand and your toes when you typed that? 🙄 Happy Thanksgiving!
  11. Yeah, screw this thought. I want everyone's best shot with their best on the field. What a defeatist attitude and lack of sack. No tar, but damn, our fanbase needs a gut check and manhood restored. If we lose it should be because the other team was better and wanted it more. Fuck luck. Go out and impose your will on the team in front of you and make sure they know you are going to knock them down and will do it again if they get back up. Take the win, Pussy. 🤘😈🤘 Good, I hope he plays. Also, hope he regrets it. 😀
  12. From the 2011 game. The guy in the stands is not me, but I was SURROUNDED by Aggy family and friends and it may as well have been me. Hook 'Em, forever.
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