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  1. Love this show. It’s the tits and can’t wait for the next season.
  2. Yeah. Very winnable game that we just couldn’t get the O going. Score in the bottom of the 8th to tie the game, only to give it back in the top of the 9th. OU sucks. I really hope this team gets a chance to have a rematch with one of the teams from the season opening tournament. We are completely different. 🤘🏼
  3. Aggy will money whip a coach so they can beat their chest and proclaim the worm has turned. I'd like Tadlock to stay at Tech. He's a good coach and makes the conference better. I agree with the point above that Schloss and Saar are better together than apart, so aggy would need to hire both, but that ain't happening.
  4. Droopy

    Its happening

    Darken that shit! This ain't Stillwater!
  5. Fair weather, in that, they where there in the beginning for the Friday game because it was a party and shit-talking fest that those chest beating bitches live for. They don’t care about the game at all. They care about being able to take out their tiny peen frustration out on Texas. When Texas won, they did what they always do, SHUT THE FUCK UP. Yesterday they were there but because it was a close game they didn’t have much opportunity to act like jackasses until the final out. Then they returned to form as if they really kicked our ass. But, the real fans of the team and game, came on Sunday
  6. I was searching for this exact gif. Nice job. “Who gives a shit? It’s gone.”
  7. I believe that others have mentioned it within this thread but don’t feel like looking for it, but the words, ”fair weather” were used. Also, fuck those douche bag ‘roach fans. 🤘🏼Hook ‘em.
  8. Winning cures all. The Disch, vs LSU was fucking loud and rowdy. When Texas is winning/playing well the fans come and get loud. People fall asleep in the Erwin Center and the football games is well documented.
  9. Lots of Ins and Outs and what-have-you’s but that was a hostile environment against one of the best teams in the country with a lot on the line. That’s how you, Texas Fight! Offense and Defense was great and clutch when it had to be. 🤘🏼
  10. Same. Decent call, poor execution. Gotta play D now.
  11. These fans need some humble pie in the worst way. Texas. Fight.
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