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  1. Translation: They are a program worthy of my talent, and I'd really like to go to the Alabama game...because who doesn't? Username does not check out.
  2. CSB: I'm not sure if this guy is actually a Longhorn fan or not, but I saw him walking around the tailgates back in the early/mid 2000's in burnt orange attire several times. Got to hang around the guy a couple times, and he seemed nice enough. On a side note, after the guy left the tailgate, I was tossing a football with another tailgater and I threw an absolute gem of a pass from about 15 yards away heading right into his hands. Unfortunately, an older lady (mid 50's, who saw us throwing the ball) turned from her conversation and walked right in front of the pass as it was coming to rest in my buddies hands and hit her square in the nose/left cheek of her face. Smash, Arghhhh, Boom, splayed on ground. She was fine after some attention and ice, but she may as well have taken a punch from a MMA fighter. I felt terrible, until game time. I guess those girls never made it to Houston clubs. "I've seen some shit that would turn you white!" - Ernie Hudson, Ghostbusters
  3. So, nothing new on recruiting? Cool, cool... (closes Surly with disappointment seeing 2 new pages of comments to sift through) *Fuddruckers, when you can find one, it's still a decent burger/experience, and Jalapeno cheese with pico on the fries is the tits.
  4. They annoy me too, but like the coaches, who gives a shit as long as the kids are happy. "oh, I don't know...maybe the second weekend in September. Y'all got anything going on that weekend?"
  5. And, still managed to not put an apostrophe in the first word.
  6. My bad for poor language use. I was thinking about Foster specifically when I wrote that, but your point still stands. I will say though, each new season brings a "new" team to the stage and just because they didn't quit in the past doesn't mean they won't quit in the future. Maintaining a mentally focused team is the job duty of every coach.
  7. Stop all this Javelina talk, you’re making me hungry.
  8. Well, it is always “The game”, when Texas plays. Texas vs Everybody else.
  9. I hope both rosters are full, healthy, and the game is good. Beyond that, there’s not much else to hope for. Alabama is where we’d like to be as a program and this game is going to be a measuring stick for our progress in that direction. I’ll be looking at execution of scheme, tackling, and, more importantly, heart. Need to see a team that won’t quit and has some fight in them. Tackling, although it’s lack there of has been reported to be an epidemic across the country, is critical for a team’s success. Last year, it seemed as though our guys were put in places to succeed, but couldn’t/wouldn’t execute. I hope that trend gets corrected. Fuck OU
  10. Agreed. Agreed. Every year around this time we always see the same reports from $9.95ers. And, every year people pick a side and pick it apart ad nauseam. It’s like walking into a room full of children when they’ve been given a couple new toys to play with and the arguments start over which ball is better. “The blue is better because it bounces the highest and furthest!” ”No, the green ball is better because it’s easiest to throw and flies straight!” All I really know, is this is Sub Selling Time and these $9.95ers know how to get a debate started. Rinse, repeat.
  11. We just couldn't get a stop when we really needed one. Fuck, how many 3rd down conversion did we give up, when we really needed a stop. Felt like every game last year we couldn't stop a team if we wanted to. Rage. RAGE. FUCKING RAGE! Yes, after some injuries as previously posted, but the defense not even being able to stop the opposing O was more frustrating to watch. Completely agree, and they tried to say our run D would be a strength last year and it wasn't even close. I'm looking at you, Collins. $9.95'ers last year pumped this and it never came true, which is why I'm still not buying any of it until I see it with my own eyes. That's great and all, but I also watched Roy Williams do zero stretching, even got yelled at by a coach to stretch more, then proceeded to abuse any corner that tried to stop and or take the ball from him on the way to the end zone. Whittington has the tools but his body just can't seem to take the punishment of CFB. Hope I'm wrong, but... FIFY This is again my biggest fear for the D. The run D should be the strength but we need a legitimate group of players to step up their game for that to come to fruition. That being said, my win total for the regular season is at 8 with the bowl giving us a chance at 9 wins. We need to see a bowl this year. Anything less than that would be a disappointing season, imo.
  12. So… you’re saying “fuck that” to the shirt, then?
  13. Thank God for dumb criminals. Dumb shits doing dumb shit.
  14. It’s all they know. It’s their identity. (we’re not Texas) A&M
  15. I make these every year when our family gets together to make Deer, Pork, and Beef sausage in January. Tastes like a pork chop, and is delicious.
  16. *Fish Camp Also, they kind of have to, right?
  17. Fan. Fiction. I think it all comes down to reading comprehension and their lack of it. "What a fool believes...." - Michael MacDonald
  18. The best part of this photo is from the pilot/co-pilot giving the Horns from the cockpit.
  19. So was this guy, but it still didn't matter...
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