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  1. Right, which is what I was trying to refer to, but may have missed the mark. I actually think it's a good sign when our reports and those close to the program are all over the place due to little information being out there. Shutting down a practice was a good sign in my opinion. If Sark could get FCB and Kurt Bohls's press passes, then I think we'd finally be heading in the right direction. Both those guys are a fucking beating.
  2. It's almost as if they got rid of cancers and people that were giving out team information when they shouldn't have been. Like a coach or a player perhaps. Maybe Sark is playing his cards close to his vest knowing that loose lips sink ships. To pull out a classic... F the Haters! Let's see this new blood and hope and pray they are better than the players they are replacing.
  3. You could say this about every thread we have on Surly. I remember all the people giving aggy shit for doing/wanting the same thing a few years ago. Glass houses and all, so I'll just say that I'm happy to have new blood on the Oline. We know what the starters where last couple of years. Not surprising, but I think Ewers plays in the first game too and most likely Card has a very short leash in every game after that until Ewers earns the job. I don't like it, but it's not shocking to me. (Coach is doing what a coach should)
  4. Did you want to offer an alternative to what is there or just point out your thoughts, like a child that enters a room? Steve looks like he hasn’t slept in a couple days, which is exactly how I want my coach to look, irritated and not putting up with your shit.
  5. Droopy

    sec sec sec

    I don’t get “twisted up” now for the horns down, why would changing a conference make a difference? And for the record, I don’t care what their school’s traditions are either. Ours is winning, so I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. Also, if my “tea sipper (2 words) attitude” means that I’m not lumped into a group of people that think over-processed, cheap sausage is somehow taco meat, I’m more than fine with that. Speaking of… Brisket, Pulled Pork, Fajita Chicken, Skirt Steak, Fish, Venison, Eckridge Farm Sausage How on God’s green Earth, do you decide EF Sausage is in the top 3 meats for a taco? I bet your cardiologist could give you 3 better choices. Hey, I grew up in a poor neighborhood too and had to eat that worthless shit 2 times in my life and each slice had a 5/1 fat to meat ratio that I may as well have just eaten raw bacon that was left out on the counter all day. I’m not saying I’m better than you, but you should sincerely travel and eat something that’s not extruded out of a machine’s asshole after they filled it with salt tablets, leftover lunch meat and pig fat. Be gentle. He just found out he’s a mouth-breathing moron.
  6. You just asked what would make them care, so it would have to be ROI. That's what I want, but I'm not sure what their version of ROI is. I would assume that some want better access to the program, while others want to see championships. Hell, I knew a guy that just wanted to be able to say he was donor and got to meet Mack. Everyone's ROI is different and individually specific. Here's to us finding theirs and flooding their lawns with it.
  7. Droopy

    sec sec sec

    We must be world's apart in our senses of humor, team or no team. These videos hit about as hard as the video your wife shows you that "cracked her up soooo much". Actually, I take that back. These videos are like Eckridge Farms Sausage. They look like something you'd enjoy, it's looks good on the table, but the reality is that it's only going to taste good to mouth-breathing morons that don't know any better.
  8. Droopy

    sec sec sec

    Maybe these get funny when we join the conference, but i'm not holding my breath.
  9. Bricktop is one of my favorite characters of all time. Sugar? “No thanks, Turkish. I’m sweet enough.”
  10. Maybe we’ll get to see some of that “Development” I’ve been hearing about. No, this is literally what every salesman/business owner/marketing guru is trying to do every single day since the beginning of society. Get them to buy, then get them to need. “First ones free, baby…”
  11. Translation: They are a program worthy of my talent, and I'd really like to go to the Alabama game...because who doesn't? Username does not check out.
  12. CSB: I'm not sure if this guy is actually a Longhorn fan or not, but I saw him walking around the tailgates back in the early/mid 2000's in burnt orange attire several times. Got to hang around the guy a couple times, and he seemed nice enough. On a side note, after the guy left the tailgate, I was tossing a football with another tailgater and I threw an absolute gem of a pass from about 15 yards away heading right into his hands. Unfortunately, an older lady (mid 50's, who saw us throwing the ball) turned from her conversation and walked right in front of the pass as it was coming to rest in my buddies hands and hit her square in the nose/left cheek of her face. Smash, Arghhhh, Boom, splayed on ground. She was fine after some attention and ice, but she may as well have taken a punch from a MMA fighter. I felt terrible, until game time. I guess those girls never made it to Houston clubs. "I've seen some shit that would turn you white!" - Ernie Hudson, Ghostbusters
  13. So, nothing new on recruiting? Cool, cool... (closes Surly with disappointment seeing 2 new pages of comments to sift through) *Fuddruckers, when you can find one, it's still a decent burger/experience, and Jalapeno cheese with pico on the fries is the tits.
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