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  1. That dudes resume is nottttt good.
  2. I guess I’m the only guy who is optimistic about Valai. *shrugs* Young, hungry, experience in an NFL locker room, possible recruiting chops with Texas roots. Besides, if all else fails, throw a jersey on the guy because he would be the best looking linebacker we’ve got on day one.
  3. My biggest gripe with Brandon Jones. He always goes for a shoulder hit and I can’t remember ever seeing him try to wrap up. Unfortunately that should cost him a couple rounds.
  4. They are definitely getting some kind of penalty for carrying bags next week. It'll probably be ten minutes like CT's, which negates those penalties anyway. And yeah, they're lugging around 40 extra pounds and rotating in girls -- severe disadvantage, but that's the game. They're definitely regretting it in hindsight, but if they hadn't done things the way they did, they wouldn't be there in the first place. This was definitely not the sharpest game the producers made this season. From what I've seen on the Twatters, they've already made a bunch of changes in the upcoming season.
  5. They were tied together in the final where Easy died. I can't remember the details if they were DQ'd or penalized, but they did lose really badly in that final. I'm guessing they haven't really left Paulie behind. I bet they've only taken like fifteen steps but the edit makes it seem like they left him. Good cliffhanger though, should be a pretty exciting finish.
  6. I will say though that Ashley is fucking killing it in this final and win or lose, nobody can ever say isn't a beast anymore. Hell, she may be the best female player this decade.
  7. I've read the spoilers already. SPOILERS BELOW
  8. Don’t be a douche. Natalie chose the tribunal, so he didn’t have to be in the tribunal. Sorry you need everything spelled out for you; the other alternative is you just fucking with me because I cheer from someone different than you. Either way, it makes you a douche. Anywayzzzz... apparently Bear and Kailah are fucking on the next season. That should be hot.
  9. Crazy thing is that they are two of the smallest dudes, too. I think DK was like 5’6 175.
  10. It was pretty dumb not to throw in Zach against Jordan. They probably regret that in hindsight .
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