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  1. It may be dumb but it seems to be done in a genuine, heartfelt way. Can’t fault them for that.
  2. RIP. Dallas retiring 24. I don’t agree with it but it’s really not worth getting worked up over. Hopefully it does some good for some people.
  3. Jesus fucking Christ he is 20 and the rest of the team is young and inexperienced AF. Y’all step back from the ledge. The Mavericks are still on pace to win 50 games In a year when they were supposed to win 40. This team is way ahead of schedule.
  4. Weird 4pm game against a super hot Jazz team. Tough matchup for KP versus Gobert. Nice start on O though.
  5. WCS is coming into a great team atmosphere, great coach, great staff. If he can’t fit in, it’s his loss. And dallas hasn’t given up much for the risk. I think he will realize playing with Luka etc will only help him with his next contract.
  6. We definitely need a Ribby reporting from the SB segment.
  7. what about faaaaaake caaaaaaaassssssidddaaayyyyyyyy? "is jake there? I heard he had some kind of countdown clock on me?"
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