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  1. Dan's call with the city of Waco is more proof he's the best.
  2. JJ is starting practice with the squad tomorrow. Also this is great:
  3. Good grief what a ref shit show. And Luka just got a tech, I don’t blame him.
  4. Don’t judge, he’s very pretty and has an accent.
  5. And I know there are some dumbasses in the history of the show but how many wouldn’t be able to do that single multiplication?!? JFC.
  6. Great episode. Wish they would have done a different elimination. Kyle was grown in me. Him making fun of pussy ass Fessy was great.
  7. Lol at houston shooting 3s like this. EMBRACE THE VARIANCE.
  8. Seems like there are a lot of those guys on this team. I'm going to volunteer to help with the team.
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