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  1. That's why DoeDoe playing like he did against the Spurs solves a lot of the teams issues. I know we can't expect 8/10 and 3/4 from 3 every game, but if he can keep that 3% up, he is a great 3 and D wing.
  2. Maxi is much better than Powell. (and the minutes he gets Boban wrecks shop inside.) And Delon getting Brunson's minutes would be fine. And I really like both of Powell and Brunson. That's a good question. You can't play BG at the 3, so against some teams you run out KP and Blake, but against others you'd need Maxi out there.
  3. Worked on my wife. Shes taking the kids sometime soon. I'm wondering how much its going to set me back.
  4. Stein is great. Wish BaD could get him more often.
  5. Even though BG makes $37mmish per for the next three years, the money actually works well. Lee comes off the books this offseason, THJ the next. However, I don't see how he fits. KP needs a big next to him a lot. I'm hoping Maxi keeps up the development and gets the majority of the minutes. Powell just can't hang in the post on D. BG has transofmred him game a lot, and is a good play maker and decent 3PT shooter. But, KP is getting most of his minutes at the "4".
  6. East Tenn giving KU all they can handle. Big12now/ESPN+
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