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  1. His earlier work was better
  2. For anyone that is lazy, 2nd video:
  3. This was a chase about 20 minutes north of me, September of last year. Multiple views from cruisers and body cams. Suspect shoots at police multiple times during the chase, once clearly at 7:00 in. After a long chase there's a pursuit on foot.
  4. I'm not sure Sarah Silverman should have been in there, doing a parody of the Imagine collab that she was also a part of.
  5. ulukinatme

    Photoshop request

    Bert doesn't strike me as one who cares for masks or social distancing. He likes to mingle.
  6. I'm done with the turd. The only item in the Play Log I didn't max out was Assessing all enemies, but screw that. I've played enough of this thing, and I'm glad to be done. I really hoped the combat would grow on me, but it just grates and grates. The Kingdom Heart ending is bullshit too. I really hope they fix the combat in later games, otherwise I'm not sure I'm giving Square Enix more money for Final Fantasy. I'll keep playing Dragon Quest.
  7. After taking a week off I came back and finished grinding my HP Up Materia, along with pretty much maxing out all the other Materia I still have left, then retried the Three-Person Team vs. Top Secrets series. For some reason I had a bit more trouble with Shiva than I did the first time, she just kept healing up and would not Stagger despite pelting her with Fire attacks, but she went down eventually. Fat Chocobo was cake again. Leviathan was a bit easier since I knew the fight, I conserved a lot of MP. I went into Bahamut fully healed and full MP again. I tried every trick in the book I had to try and Pressure and Stagger Bahamut before the first Megaflare. A lot of videos and guides suggested "Just use Counterstance, works really good." I had no such luck either attempt at getting Counterstance to work right. Even if Bahamut attacked while it was up, he was more apt to knock Cloud back than anything. I also tried ramping up Tifa's combos and unleashing them, as that was supposed to be a sure-fire way to pressure him, but had no such luck with that either. At some point I did end up Pressuring him briefly, but I have no idea how it occurred because Bahamut had just knocked Cloud on his ass and Tifa/Barrett either too far away or had no ATB to really build the Pressure. In any case, I ended up SOL come first Megaflare, but before the countdown was over I was able to Manawall two characters and the third had a Reprieve weapon on. All three characters subsequently survived Megaflare this time since I had HP Up Materias to max them out at 9999 HP. I continued to try and pressure Bahamut in Round 2, but had no luck here either. He immediately started going into his countdown again, and after burning a few Limits just to do some damage to him he hit 50% and summoned Ifrit. This ended up making the fight a lot easier as I had maxed Fire + Elemental Materias in two characers armor slots, so they ended up getting free health back from Ifrit's attacks. I continued to pummel Bahamut as best I could, and when the 2nd Megaflare came up I used Manaward on two characters and Manawall on a 3rd to try and save some MP (Barrett was almost empty at this point from healing). Everyone survived the 2nd Megaflare again, and by this point I had nearly chipped Bahamut's health to 0 just from normal attacks and abilities. Barret got his Limit late and I finished Bahamut off with that. Afterwards there was still Ifrit to deal with, and because two characters were absorbing most of his attacks for free heals I just sat there for about 4 minutes trying to let Barret's MP slowly regain. He only gained about 7 MP before the AI players finished Ifrit off. Got to Pride and Joy. I heard he was a pushover after Bahamut, and that's no joke. Couldn't believe how pathetic he was. Aside from his one hit kills on characters, which don't happen that often, you can just stand behind him and punch the hell out of him. As long as each character has a Revive Materia you're fine. I didn't even need Barrett to heal this one, I think I dropped two Prayers the entire fight and had to use Arise on Cloud two or three times. When the bot got low I summoned Bahamut so he could get finished off by a Megaflare for laughs. I'm glad to be done with this little achievement. I'm going to finish the rest of Chapter 17, 18, get my remaining manuscripts and put a fork in it. Looking forward to getting away from this buggy combat.
  8. Yeah, I don't know if it's because my PlayStation is older, but the audio of the gun shots is what I was trying to time my movements by and not the visual. It seemed like there was a momentary delay in the bullets visually firing and the gunshot audio playing. In addition there's a short animation delay from the time you hit the movement stick to your character actually moving so I had to retime my moves based on the visual cue and not the audio (Kind of lame, considering Cloud would not be able to see the gunfire stopping while hiding behind cover). On my 2nd go around on Hard I got through it much easier...but then once you hit the stairs there really isn't cover to hide behind so you just get lit up on the way down. Fortunately the knockback is non-existent or minimal during that section, and the damage is cranked up on Hard so you end up just sitting at 1 Health the whole way down. Who tested this? I don't think it's possible to get down the stairs on Hard without hitting the 1 HP floor. I completely agree with the bullshit Action combat though, it's not well done. Those with short attention spans rave about it online though. I continue to find gripes with it, like the fact Blizzard spells have an incredible delay on them, to a point where anything faster than a granny in a wheelchair is able to dodge them completely. You have to damn near Stagger or at least Pressure a target to get Blizzard to land typically. You couldn't dodge Magic like this before, it's lame. I completely leave Blizzard out of my setups as a result, unless you're fighting a tough boss that has a strong weakness to it. You would think Blizzard hits harder than the other spells to makeup for this detriment, but no...it just sucks.
  9. Na, the Speed stat affects how fast your ATB builds. Works great for Tifa because a lot of her Claws increase Speed, so she can rattle off Combos faster. Losing ATB is either a bug in the combat design or it's working as designed...basically there's a window between when you've selected any ATB action or spell and the animation actually firing and the attack landing. Sometimes this is a big window, sometimes it's short, but either way if you get knocked back or knocked down during this window you not only lose your ATB charge, but the action fails to complete. You can always grind more ATB of course, but in some fights that can be difficult (Like when Leviathan is airborne and you're a melee fighter), and there are some abilities that also cost 2 ATB like Prayer which compounds the problem and can ruin fights.
  10. Well, first attempt at the Pride and Joy series was a bust. Had no trouble up to Bahamut, HP was full and MP with 130+ to burn on each character. I followed a few guides to try and stagger him prior to the first Megaflare, but it was a no go. I switched back and tried to do Manawall on all my characters, but they weren't at max HP and none of them survived as a result. Sucked, but wasn't completely unexpected. None of my characters had more than 7k HP, I've gotten by so far without using HP Up Materia in Hard. I'm grinding a bit in the Simulator now so I can max everyone at 9999 for the fight. I think I'll down him tomorrow, otherwise I was doing pretty good mitigating the rest of his attacks.
  11. Grats! I'm actually in the process of working my way up to that now. Finishing the Hard mode Shinra challenges, got all the single player ones done, working on the other two before Pride and Joy. Once I'm done with that (If I get it done) I'll finish up Chapter 17, 18, and then go back for the manuscripts I missed in Chapter 9's other path.
  12. I'll take Tifa's hair over Aerith's triple ponytail /w a seagull up front.
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