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  1. Gotta wonder if the PEDs weren't by design. He knew he had to have a big year to offset the previous injuries, he's got contract negotiations coming up. If the hamstring left him dinged up he's not going to get it done. Rolls the dice on PEDs, hoping he either shows enough talent until he gets caught, or he evades a positive test all together. A very productive season cut short by suspension probably looks better than a subpar one playing injured. In any case, he pulled the same card all the others pull..."Doctor goofed." He was sitting at 11th in Receiving Yards and tied for 5th in TDs among receivers prior to the suspension.
  2. Refs were pretty bad that night. There was also the pass interference call on Clemson that Dabo turned purple over...and then the refs decided to pick the flag up. Dabo was trending on Twitter after that one, it certainly looked like pass interference though.
  3. They were playing Clemson at home regardless this year. Here was the schedule pre-Covid: https://collegefootballnews.com/2020/07/notre-dame-football-schedule-how-could-it-change-for-the-2020-season
  4. They had a contingency for fans rushing the field. Supposedly the team set a protocol to make their way to the tunnel immediately following the game, although who knows if they all got off the field in time. Looks like most of the students and fans were wearing masks at least.
  5. There's no divisions in the ACC this year apparently. It's just #1 ACC team vs. #2 ACC team. [EDIT] Fuck, just saw the later reply.
  6. Illegitimate! That's Jim Helwig, or Warrior Helwig and he's off the steroids at this point lol. There's nothing like a crazy Ultimate Warrior rant.
  7. There's no way the Ultimate Warrior said that. It's logical and doesn't reek of steroid rage induced insanity.
  8. I honestly feel like the most charismatic candidate tends to win year in and year out in Presidential elections, at least over the last 40 years. Put the candidates in each election in boxes for most charisma (or least uncharismatic in some cases) and you tend to have your winner. When Dwayne Johnson teased running for President I joked he should, but in reality he probably would be a lock as a Presidential candidate if he could make it through primaries. Not inconceivable, Trump did it. DNC should throw money at the Rock for 2024, then we'd have our President Camacho ala the movie Idiocracy ha!
  9. I like to think I'm a realist, maybe I'm a bit of an optimist, I dunno. Certainly met plenty of trash people, but most are decent humans at the end of the day. Politics are politics though, and media helps drive wedges to further agendas and divide people. Here's hoping the next election will have better representatives on both sides.
  10. A lot of people don't really care about Trump or Biden individually. For many voters it comes down to red or blue and nothing more. That's the reality of it. Do you find that most people you meet are actual trash? Certainly plenty of assholes out there, but generally I think people are good. That's my experience anyway.
  11. There are plenty of conservatives that are assholes, just as there are on the other side of the aisle. The majority of both sides are decent people that vote along party lines in reality, even if they're not particularly thrilled with their candidate. The real question is independents, how they're convinced to vote for either of these crummy candidates I can't say. Looking at a majority of people like they're assholes, no matter which side you support, is a horrible way to go through life and not an accurate representation. Assholes are everywhere and probably account for just...10-15% of the country lol.
  12. People said this 4 years ago too. We survived just fine and even thrived until a pandemic came along, the likes of which comes once every 100 years. We'll be fine no matter who is President.
  13. Said the pandemic scares him to death.
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