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  1. I live in Plano and had my GP recommend a pulmonologist. He recommened Dr. Greg Foster. He is just east of 75 off of the Bush Turnpike. He had me do an at home sleep study. The wires were uncomfortable and I didn't sleep well but it was good enough. He wrote a prescription for a CPAP machince / mask. I am going to pick it up tomorrow. The doctor seems like a good guy. He took the time to show me why I have apnea and what the mask can do. There are also other options besides the mask depending on how bad your case is. I am overweight by quite a bit and he told me that if I would lose weight that that would help but it might not completely cure it.
  2. For the NBA you will need NBA league pass. In the DFW area you are in the exclusive Dallas market. You will get all of the regional sports networks with the Sports Package but games will be blacked out during their live telecast.
  3. I am going to assume from your comments you never saw this story about Carlos Beltran and Yu Darvish being teammates back in 2017. https://www.si.com/mlb/2017/12/12/dodgers-yu-darvish-tipped-pitches-world-series-astros
  4. I am tired of getting my ass kicked on a daily basis by the likes of TCU, Iowa State, and Baylor. It's been a decade and we will have to play our best to finish 7-5 and enjoy another Houston bowl. If it makes people feel any better put a morality clause in his contract but go get Urban Meyer and get this thing turned around. Charlie had three seasons and by my count this is three seasons for Herman. Outside of the Sugar bowl win it feels like we are right back to where we were when Charlie took over.
  5. Brian Davis saying that he was ejected from the game.
  6. Right now I am kinda hoping he made the trip to Waco.
  7. I originally had San Fransisco but my trusted advisers persuaded me to change to Indy.
  8. I think I remember someone mentioning from TOS that Herman wanted Morris as his OC in Houston but the buyout was too much.
  9. Congratulations. I watched part of the Miami / Indy game and it was awful. All but 3 of Miami's points came from INT's.
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