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  1. At first I was like "hell yeah! I'm in." Then I was reminded of our home schedule this year and so now "meh". Maybe 0U.
  2. If we were to determine this by number of posts about Texas then texags would be the choice.
  3. This is where I got the information. NCAA hit home run with new redshirt rule
  4. If I read this correctly he received a medical red-shirt for his freshman year (2017). He should have two years of eligibility.
  5. Thinking that if you donate and get no seat benefit then 100% of donation should be tax deductible.
  6. I already renewed. I figure if there is no season then they will just roll over the money paid to 2021.
  7. No, at his company you accrue x amount of PTO per pay period. As of his date of termination his PTO balance was 70 hours. The employee handbook that was provided by the company clearly states that any unused PTO will be paid out at the time of separation. When he was laid off he was told that they were paying him for two weeks in lieu of giving him two weeks notice. That was the way the statement was formed in his letter of separation. When he inquired about his PTO he was told by HR that they had decided not to pay out PTO. He wants his two weeks that was provided for in his letter of separation and he wants his unused PTO that was guaranteed per the employee handbook. He has spoken with other employees that were laid off. They received two weeks pay and had already used some / most of their vacation.
  8. Thanks for the responses. He is going to have a discussion with HR tomorrow. Depending on how that goes he has an attorney that is going to place a phone call to their COO.
  9. A friend was laid off from his job yesterday (03/24/20). He had a balance of 70 hours PTO remaining. HR has told him that they are not going to pay the PTO and that if he wants two weeks severance that he must sign a document promising not to sue the company. His employee handbook states this: Employees who are laid off for economic reasons will receive the balance of any unpaid leave remaining at the time of the work separation. Should he sign the document and take the two weeks? Should he consider contacting an attorney? Any advice is appreciated.
  10. He has Jason Garrett as his OC. What could go wrong?
  11. Jamaal Charles is from Port Arthur. I am from SE Texas. I went to high school with Butch Hadnot. I told him every day "you have to go to Texas". There was an unbelievable amount of pressure on him to go to aggy. Most people didn't go to aggy but they were / are aggy fans. He even had people trying to get him to go to UH instead of Texas. I like to think that I helped persuade him to end up in Austin. </csb?
  12. I live in Plano and had my GP recommend a pulmonologist. He recommened Dr. Greg Foster. He is just east of 75 off of the Bush Turnpike. He had me do an at home sleep study. The wires were uncomfortable and I didn't sleep well but it was good enough. He wrote a prescription for a CPAP machince / mask. I am going to pick it up tomorrow. The doctor seems like a good guy. He took the time to show me why I have apnea and what the mask can do. There are also other options besides the mask depending on how bad your case is. I am overweight by quite a bit and he told me that if I would lose weight that that would help but it might not completely cure it.
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