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  1. Right now I am kinda hoping he made the trip to Waco.
  2. I originally had San Fransisco but my trusted advisers persuaded me to change to Indy.
  3. I think I remember someone mentioning from TOS that Herman wanted Morris as his OC in Houston but the buyout was too much.
  4. Congratulations. I watched part of the Miami / Indy game and it was awful. All but 3 of Miami's points came from INT's.
  5. I had 111 points with Kenyan Drake to go on Monday night. My opponent had 96 points with Smith-Schuster to go. Schuster was worth 16 in our league so final score 112 - 111. I had Ezekiel Elliott on a bye. That also would have been 4 wins in a row.
  6. I actually did ask the commissioner "Why would you do that? What is the purpose?" and he said that that's just the way its been since the league started.
  7. I joined a new league this year. I didn't see this in the rules but apparently all add /drops end at 11:55am on Sunday. I had the RB for Miami that was traded to Arizona and didn't have anyone else to play in his spot. I attempted to pick up a player but discovered this rule and it wasn't allowed. I ended up losing by 1 point. I have played fantasy football for almost 20 years now and have never been in a league where this was a thing. I was wondering how many of you play in leagues with a rule like this.
  8. I am up for whatever you guys decide.
  9. I think even if outside the tackle box it still must travel past the line of scrimmage.
  10. Final stats Penalties Texas 10 - 89 yards WVU 3 - 30 yards
  11. End of 3rd Penalties Texas 9 - 84 yards WVU 2 - 15 yards
  12. Penalties Texas 7 - 60 yards WVU 1 - 10 yards
  13. Per the DMN Sam Houston State, McNeese State added to Texas A&M's future football schedules A&M will open its 2022 season against local foe Sam Houston State and the Aggies will face McNeese State in 2024. Both games will be played at Kyle Field in College Station.
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