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  1. Back to the basics. So we like being run by billionaires? Like their laws and vision for the country? Like that they take all the new money being made? We like that they buy and own our politicians? Bloomberg admitted it on live television. The easiest thing to turn the tide would be your vote against all that but let’s be mad about snake emojis and calling rat names. I’d rather our kids fight revolutions in the street. Builds character. In the last few days it’s been simplified in the most basic way imaginable for this timeline. Are you flav or chuck d?
  2. That’s Trae if I’m not mistaken. ABN could have been Bernie’s campaign slogan.
  3. Imagine being able to make that last joke and at the same time be offended by a guy in a pickle suit being loud. Enjoy Arkansas Aqua. Y’all were made for each other.
  4. Beautiful offense when the Mavs are clicking. In other news looks like Luka has a new logo.
  5. Al Sharpton weighing in as well. Win SC and shut this shit down Bern.
  6. Why would I think otherwise? https://today.yougov.com/topics/politics/articles-reports/2020/02/18/democrat-head-to-head-poll
  7. No Matt I keep trying to point out it’s not a real election. It’s just been covered up really well bc the one with the most delegates and votes has always gotten the nomination since it’s been implemented. That may not be the case this time around. Everyone is on record as being cool with that. I wouldn’t expect you to fight for your vote haven’t fought for anything else. You’re obviously very comfortable and that’s cool. Enjoy it. I am alarmed tho that so many are willing to set elections on fire in plain sight.
  8. Need some stat classes in here. It’s the will of the people in that he won the elections in almost every state.
  9. Bates how can supers support the plurality leader if they spoke before the vote in 16? A plurality leader should first demonstrate they are such. It is not the same. Agree to disagree.
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