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  1. Something to strive for. Luka will give Oscar a run for his money merger be damned.
  2. Yea. Unless you want to eat your face.
  3. Dropout


  4. Joe must not need voters. I’ve lost count how many times he’s told me to vote for someone else.
  5. The fuck it is. Ok Boomer Bloomberg for saying that shit about marijuana. Or Biden telling voters to vote for Trump. You don’t ok boomer the guy on the side of the younger generation. It’s way more accurate to ok boomer gen x itt.
  6. Luka at 16 games w 20 5 5. The record is Jordan w 18 in a row. I like his chances to shatter this mark more than once. These NBA records are meant to be broken by Luka.
  7. That’s not how this meme works. Bt is not the stereotype. He is usually right. You are usually wrong. And y’all are crying like liddle’ Bitches in here. Let the record show the vast majority of gen x itt had to be taken to the revolution kicking and screaming. Good thread.
  8. We don’t want to talk about those polls anymore. I wonder why? Someone help me out.
  9. I’d usually agree and take Khabib 100% but just can’t do it here. Ferguson is the quicker and more creative striker when compared to Poirier. Ferguson is definitely better on the ground. Just see his finishes during his equally impressive win streak. D’arce, rear naked, D’arce etc. In a scramble? Give me Ferguson. When you saw Poirier look to his corner w Khabib on him you had to know it was over. Tony does not have any self-doubt. Khabib hasn’t experienced any real problems in the cage. Looking at the faces of the fighters Tony has dealt with I would be shocked if Khabib escapes unscathed. How does Khabib deal w adversity? I have no idea because he’s too damn good and hasn’t fought anyone like Tony.
  10. It’s a toss up. Tony isn’t going to be worried about trying to get Khabib off of him when it goes to the ground. Tony is looking for any opportunity to spill blood. Can’t wait.
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