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  1. Yugest endorsement yet. Jump in the polls imminent for Other 2020.
  2. Can’t let this one go unnoticed either. The Dream Defenders were established after the murder of Trayvon Martin. These mostly black and brown young activists have also decided to back Bernie. That’s young people at the front lines of both climate change and criminal justice reform endorsing Bernie in the last few days. These young zealots have the audacity to fight for a safer and greener planet. This is obviously a generational fight as much as anything. Wake the fuck up old people. https://www.dreamdefendersfight.org/for-bernie The mainstream media is afraid of this. That’s why they’ve attempted to paint Bernie as some fringe candidate and his support base as comprised of only “white Bernie bros” and erase the millions of Black, brown and immigrant youth and women at the helm of his campaign.
  3. We are talking about the people you can perhaps influence on a daily basis but choose not to. Not because you necessarily disagree with Bernie Sanders but because you are concerned with how it will be received. You can barely convince yourself to vote for Bernie even if he was rolling. That one wasn’t assumed.
  4. And the olds are ~38% leaving gen x to decide. Judging by this thread fuck me. If the polls are underestimating anyone it’s Bernie. He is capable of winning 3/4 early states and picking up delegates in SC. He will win California. He is the only one in this race capable of being any sort of standard bearer for good. You come in here defending the honor of Joe Biden. One can only assume. Another thing I assumed you ask? You wouldn’t mention the name Bernie Sanders in front of your friends. So how could you convince them? You can barely convince yourself. It’s obvious from your post we come from two different worlds. The moderate wing has been an accomplice to the decay of this country. The people stand between anyone ramming anything down our throats. I mean this is still America amirite?
  5. Not yet? I disagree. The old school is dying right before our very eyes. Good thing we are about to have a vote to see if it’s now. Why are you so sure the highest totals in every race will be accomplished bc of Joe Biden? Again I simply disagree. I want a president who represents my interests. I’m not naive and believe Bernie will pass everything. Quite the contrary. Why cant we win big with Bernie? I believe we can. So seems we have to agree to disagree again. The numbers are yet to be tallied on who will have the higher turnout. We all know the trend lines so let’s just let it play out. You know the inevitable left shift is coming but you’re actively fighting it. How about you join the wave and actively try and convince some folks to not stay home if that’s what you’re worried about. So call me a zealot and state as fact we lack the foresight. That’s only been proven to be true for the moderate establishment wing of the Democratic Party when they sent Hilary to her death. Surely there were Hilary zealots and they lacked the foresight to beat an orange orangutan. It works both ways you see. Bad at politics? I’m not trying to be good at politics and neither is Bernie Sanders. It’s the principle of it. It’s not a game we are playing.
  6. Dropout

    Luka Doncic

    Team Derka here. I love Dirk and probably shouldn’t blaspheme but it’s the Internet fuck it. Luka is better right now at 20 than Dirk ever was. If I had to choose one I’d trade Dirk’s known career for Luka’s potential career. Luckily I’m a Mavs fan and don’t have to choose shit. I will enjoy this ride. More than one championship to come for Luka. Hopefully all in Mavs blue and green.
  7. Sure I did. Sorry you didn’t like the answer. I’ll be more succinct. Yes it is closer. Especially with Joe Biden as your torchbearer. What will the public option tell the poor people who can’t afford the public option Brad? What the public option will tell them will be closer to “let the poors die” than a guaranteed universal program.
  8. It is my belief Joe is an old school democratic politician. It is my belief Joe will say one thing and do another because it is politically expedient. It is my belief Joe has no interest in ending the profiteering that runs rampant in the healthcare industry. It is my belief that Joe's proposed public option probably doesn’t get any ball rolling towards universal. It is my belief that Joe doesn’t care if poor people die.
  9. That’s my kind of statement. Let me help you out. Joe is closer to Donald than he is to Bernie policy wise. Money in politics? Check. War? Check. M4A? Check. GND? Check. Immigration? Check. There probably won’t be kids in cages for the world to see but I have zero confidence Joe gives a fuck. So yes you can sleep in the bed you and others made. There is a clear choice and you wanna get cute.
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