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  1. spieth (PGA), mickelson (US Open) and McIlroy (Masters) are the only active golfers one shy of the Grand Slam
  2. watson / palmer / spieth - need / needed the PGA to complete the grand slam
  3. i think he pulls it off. like his us open, the pga needs to be at the right course that matches up to this game
  4. a pga gets him on the mount rushmore of golf. four majors is damn impressive, one behind lefty and two behind trevino
  5. unpopular opinion, im pulling for matsuyama or zalatoris. cinderella story if this was the PGA, i'd 120% be pulling for Spieth. that's the tournament that cements his legacy with the all time greats, not another masters
  6. i remember when fox news was pro 2nd A
  7. Are tickets available for the wine garden ?
  8. He came out firing going to be a another great final round
  9. crack head + insane = hell of a combo
  10. joe espada will be the next Astros manager, if he wants to wait for it
  11. if yuli signs with the Astros at 18 yo, he's a HoF'er
  12. that was a hell of a birdie also, why don't they stop play with enough time for guys to putt out ?
  13. never understood why they don't start an hour earlier on Saturday and Sunday
  14. looks like it's going to roll through quickly
  15. four screen split on the masters app is damn great
  16. @Patricio Swayze I’m finally trying Truth. It better not suck
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