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  1. 290ish pitches without a hit. Hopefully we make it to the ALCS, I don’t give a fuck who we play
  2. what was your favorite Dillon Thomas moment ?
  3. https://sportstalk790.iheart.com/featured/sean-salisbury/content/2022-06-27-steve-sparks-recaps-the-weekends-amazing-astros-yankees-series/?fs=e&s=cl Sparky talking the weekend. He wants another arm and bat, wouldn’t give up Hunter brown
  4. If you weren’t down there a lot, hard to pass up the seafood. I was eating lunch there twice a week for many years
  5. Hands down the best chicken fried steak I eve had was at barkett’s in Seadrift. The dinner portion was a double. If you started with their crab dressing stuffed jalapeños, you were winning and in the path to glory. I’m curious how many here ever ate there. Their seafood was great
  6. https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/twins-pitching-coach-wes-johnson-leaving-team-midseason-for-same-role-at-lsu-reportedly-for-huge-raise/amp/ lsu baseball has a big checkbook. That’s a lot for a pitching coach ($750k allegedly)
  7. you can get an online degree pretty quick
  8. wolf is going to follow. This how you cut into the pga, poaching the young players. not sure coody’s (from above) background, but lot of young players would like guranteed money and not being broke
  9. Damn, was looking forward to Cole v verlander
  10. one team was two hits from sweeping the other. See y’all on Thursday
  11. I like the idea of Martinez challenging judge. He’s going to learn something either way So damn close
  12. Lace them up and play again Tuesday 4-2 on the toughest 9 game stretch in mlb
  13. JJ, bregman, Tucker and yuli couldn’t get a run in
  14. Based loaded, 1 out is why we lost the game today
  15. 4-2 on a tough 9 game stretch. hopefully we get this one back on Thursday
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