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  1. and she looks like the younger, growing voter base
  2. There are many more deals at Costco v HEB, it's not even funny. If you know your prices, shop the costco sales and have space, you can save some serious money v HEB. I'm a fan. I stopped in last night to get a $5 rotisserie chicken and they had 80/20 ground beef on special for $1.99 lb. Picked up a pack. Made half today for taco meat (freezer servings) and I'll make the rest tomorrow for chili. Some standards for me : Neutrogena body wash, when it's a on sale. Kirkland Thick Cut bacon. 3lbs for the price of 1lb at HEB. I cut it up and freeze Kerrygold butter. best deal when it's sale. all paper goods reynolds foil. high quality and thicker rolls eggs shampoo and conditioner. I don't use the stuff, but the sale prices are always great. the croissants for the bakery are a great deal, 12 for $5.99. their holiday pumpkin pie is just delicious, as was the pecan pie. both were double the size of heb pies and cheaper just to name a few. i also, fill up every stop (4% back). clothing can be some great buys also. I adopted several kids for xmas and couple of families for the holidays. found some great deals on toys, groceries, clothing, and jackets. shoes can be hit and miss. https://www.costco.com/online-offers.html?&ADBUTLERID=homepage_hero_decembermvm
  3. I’d stab everyone here for an orange Julius
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