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  1. The ad should be fired, today. Even for aggie, this is making fubar look like a step up
  2. Does aggy make a bowl game in 2024 ?
  3. No way in hell the cheeto could step on a ladder
  4. more like some mean ‘landing strips’ trust me
  5. The Mexico City episode of No Reservations is telling that’s a once in a lifetime Astros trip
  6. If I throw in an extra $20, can this party start tomorrow ?
  7. Texas decision makers have hired some damn shitty coaches. Zero accountability for them
  8. I pass this on the way to my menudo spot, damn it's already sketch city. lot of people just hanging around, sitting around. zero hpd, metro pd was at the station that's right there.
  9. very good game Love just seems to get better every week
  10. Are they going to have a qb ?
  11. have to give lucci credit for fleecing those aggie dumbasses all these years
  12. Just saw the tank dell play, zerlien’s post is dumb (just like him).
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