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  1. Or he is buying a bigger house. New baby, new contract, time to get out of Montrose.
  2. Anyone know what is going in at the thomas bbq on 610/Ella? They seem to be paving a big parking area. Happy that place is out. Never went, but heard horror stories about what the served.
  3. Question for you experts. If shit were to hit the fan, how much time do we have to bug out of Houston, Austin, etc. before nukes land? Will I be vaporized on 610 or 35 trying to leave? I'll hang up and listen.
  4. This has been one of the best threads to follow. Keep fighting Ukraine. Fuck the rooskies.
  5. Here I go adding to the derailment, but my Argentine in laws drink it with Pepsi. Personally, fuck that shit. Straight, coke, or pepsi.
  6. In. Up to 238. No bueno. Goal is to get down to 210.
  7. Better season than most anticipated. Next year we'll be back.
  8. In before classics. Wish Gia would have been riding the fox during the ou game.
  9. Do they need to sacrifice a live chicken? Slump busters all around? Something needs to happen to wake up the bats.
  10. Mollejas (sweetbreads- thymus gland) tacos. Tripas tacos. South Texas.
  11. Bringing Whataburger HQ back to Texas. (I know it is still in SA, but you get my drift)
  12. Thanks for the screen shots @texifornia. Keep them coming.
  13. Zuuubbbbsss! Clutch. Lets get these last three!
  14. We lost water around noon. Sec. 1 OF. Had sinks and bathtubs dripping and all of a sudden all stopped. About an hour ago decided to shut off main to house and close all but a few faucets in house. Hopefully I made correct decision when it comes back. Hoping the rumor of water main break is correct and not something else.
  15. Not even a week in and 2021 is definitely telling 2020 to hold its beer.
  16. Corral them all in and let them have it. fuck this is disgusting.
  17. Urban must have called CDC to play Casey.
  18. Getting in on this thread before who knows what happens.
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