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  1. So, nobody has a clue why it didn’t help. Got it.
  2. It’s a serious theological question. According to the Washington Post article, they asked for prayers, and a reverend anointed her with oil. How is that supposed to help?
  3. So was the problem that not enough people prayed for her, or that the reverend didn’t anoint her with enough oil, or what? I’m really confused how this stuff works.
  4. TexOx


    Seems even dumber than quidditch.
  5. “CIA agent doesn’t play well.” It does if you’re crooked.
  6. Boy that was some powerful imagery.
  7. "Bob Stoops died today at 61 in a bag-of-dicks-related disaster...."
  8. Keep that up and we're staging an intervention.
  9. You’re right, let’s bury our heads in the sand. That’ll fix things.
  10. True. At least it’s not a 1-0 or 3-2 loss.
  11. Win or lose this one, they’re still shitty.
  12. No, they’re just shitty.
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