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  1. True but the one expiring has made several sweet 16s and has a pretty good winning record in her time at Texas.
  2. Crazy not even 30 and still one of the Best LBs in the League.. good on him leaving on his own terms.
  3. clemson about to take this one from Duke.. Crazy Basketball season!
  4. Should have taken the points! That was dumb!
  5. Going for it on 4th. Foot on the fucking gas!
  6. Not a loss, he was going to wash out anyway.
  7. I don’t like either team but lions were screwed!
  8. Has Anyone tried the new HD or Ultra HD offerings they just opened up to compete with likes of Tidal, Qobuz, etc?
  9. just for perspective's sake, Okie State's Band director is a UT alum. Band directors come from all over the place. Dr. Hannah has been at UT for many years and was a GA when I was in the Longhorn Band back in the late 90s.
  10. Upset and disappointed about the result, the lob, the play calls at the goal line, and the secondary were bad. But we didn’t give up, we fought the whole time and were a just barely missed onside away from getting a chance to tie it up. Gotta love we didn’t go into a shell after continuously getting beat or stood up on the goal line. We didn’t win tonight but rest off schedule is winnable to get b12 champ and try and get playoff bid.
  11. Fuckng A if they backdoor cover!!
  12. Its highly irritating Kacey, Third eye blind, bruce hornsby are all at the exact same time.. I wanted to see all three of them.
  13. RIP Ced Benson. Was a beast when he played for us.
  14. Hah.. I'm just being honest.. I agree he has talent, and I hope that our support system can get him to turn it around b/c I think he's a better prospect than Fowler was( b/c Fowler was stupid, lazy, coddled and entitled) and he will likely have a good year on the field at Manor, but he has not shown the motivation to straighten up yet even when confronted about it.
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