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  1. I had forgotten about that, makes sense then.
  2. Fessy in his tie and vest outfit gets me every damn time. He's a meathead destined to flame out in every final he ever makes. 1) No endurance 2) Not good at puzzles. That's a deadly combination that can't be overcome. He cratered in last season's final even though the second day was drastically shortened due to the weather. The challenges and eliminations haven't been the best this year. Hall Brawl bores me because Tori over Jenny is the only upset I can remember ever happening. So if you're the underdog your choice is lose or lose and get hurt. And a challenge that only one team complete
  3. Speaking of which...I wish Bear on this season just to watch him set Lolo as a goal.
  4. And now there go to the authorities, five years later...
  5. He's an odd one. His origin season he just kept saying "I'm a gross person", "I basically just a gross person" all episode long. It got really old... This season his only contributions were finding honey 38-39 days in, and growing the most Rasputin-esk beard.
  6. I completely agree, but I thought she caught a fish or two at Murder Pond so I have to include her as doing SOMETHING. She at least tried, but her crossbow was un-aimable and sucked up lots of time and energy that could have been spent fkn hunting instead.
  7. Earlier in the season horseface/psycho/Kate complained the she couldn't sleep because Bulent's snoring was so loud. He appeared to be all of about 25 yards away from them at the large camp. But two days in a row they somehow spent hours thinking he was down at the lower blind. The blind that was so hard to get to Gwen was exhausted when she got there. But it was too much effort to go over and check if he was there hours earlier. BS Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I remember Sara, Bulent, Ryan, Wes, Makani, and even Seth catching something to eat. Gwen went 40 days without gettin
  8. There seems to be too much reliance on "somebody else will catch the food" in the group. Back when they were at Murder Pond it seemed like everyone was pitching in. Now you have Suzanne just wanting to be the administrator. Has she made any attempt to get food ever? Also, it's 120 degrees during the day and humidity level of zero. How in the hell did they manage to grow mold on the jerky? I really feel like this season is the "C" team. Team Murder Pond looked good at the beginning but that was a long time ago. Even Wes and Gwen were struggling 90% of the time.
  9. No Rogan, Jordan, Bear or Asaf on the guys side. How many forgot Asaf was on the show? Fessy was on for about 2 seconds, maybe they use him more next week. No Dee, Jen, or Mattie on the girls side.
  10. I'll say it again for those who didn't watch the RW Portland. Nia flat out assaults Averey with a hair dryer hitting her repeatedly in the head. Averey and Johnny Reilly moved into a hotel for the rest of the season because they didn't feel safe in the RW house and production wouldn't do anything to Nia. Anyone focusing on Jordan's behaviour in Portland either hasn't seen the season, is a racist, or is an idiot. While I understand anyone who thinks Jordan's a dick, this is some cherry-picked narrative BS.
  11. I wondered about that as well. Bananas is not Nelson and knows what he needs to do. So I think he just kept looking behind at Cory/Kyle and didn't care at all that Jenny was going to beat him. Speaking of which, have you heard that Bananas was more than friendly with Jenny according to so of the other contestants? Considering how locked down he was during the Gretchen years I find it hard to believe he's messing around on Morgan. More likely the Cara and Paulie's of the world are just trying to take shots at him. I had a lot of Bananas hating years, but he's grown up and become a more h
  12. Either quit or STFU. Quit whining about it. Cory was right, as soon as she found out about staying outside she bailed. If she had been sent into elimination I think she would have bailed before competing.
  13. No, no she couldn't. Jenny beat EVERYONE. Kaycee was impressive this season, but nobody was beating Jenny. Seems all the more ridiculous that she was handed Jen as her elimination opponent. Fessy played out exactly as I expected. Lots of muscle just doesn't translate to long, endurance based finals. While six hours in the cold didn't help, he fell apart late in day one before that happened. Kyle getting second among the guys for the season feels like NC State in 1983. Run the season 20 more times he doesn't get close. Let's all take a minute to imagine what Josh would have look
  14. Yeah, but Rogan still has that epic flameout 5 minutes into his debut. He's grown on me, but until he does something impressive that involves endurance I have my doubts. I don't expect Bananas to win, but I could see it happening if it takes hours of trekking through the snow. He's down that, he won't give up. That being said, Cory's the only one I'm pretty confident he'll beat.
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