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  1. Byrd is the dream scenario, but if it were him, you’d gotta think TFB would put out a warning about it on their OU board.
  2. I just hope it’s on offense. That’s where we need the juice.
  3. I said the man was probably a decent coach, my only grudge is the current state of OL recruiting. And if he pulls a rabbit out of his ass, id be thrilled.
  4. Yeah man, I’m not saying he’s doomed as a failure forever. All I said is I don’t trust him as a recruiter right now. Other members of this staff have signed good classes before, better than Hands two classes, which were decent, but that doesn’t make them immune to criticism. As soon as I say something about Hand, Burt blows a gasket, and that I find confusing. But what you say is more than fair.
  5. Go ahead and take his entire body of work, 4 teams in 7 years, and none of the previous teams gave a shit about him leaving. Whats illogical is how far up his ass you are.
  6. It’s only his third class here, his track record here isn’t long enough or amazing enough imo to give him the benefit of the doubt and ignore the gaffes happening now.
  7. I agree, I’m not saying fire the guy. I just don’t have a good enough reason to blindly trust in him as a recruiter at this point.
  8. The biggest indictment of Hand imo, is his seemingly lack of a relationship with any backup plans. After we missed on our top targets, it was panic mode. He landed Myslinksi because of a long pre-existing relationship with his father. If Hand missed all of his top targets and built little if any relationships with his backup targets, and we agree that he isn’t a key piece in evaluating his position, then what exactly does he do, recruiting wise, that’s valuable?
  9. Hand is probably a decent coach, but I don’t have a ton of faith in him as a recruiter at this point. Herman and his support staff are the ones who have the track record of finding diamonds in the rough at OL, not Hand. Hand wasn’t here when we took Cosmi. I don’t know why that benefit of the doubt automatically gets extended to him.
  10. All of those guys seem to make more sense than Lengyel. The OL recruiting is a mystery to me.
  11. Not upset about this in the slightest.
  12. I hope he works out, but I am not even going to try to talk myself into Lengyel.
  13. 100% Alexis and Davis are the 3-star commits who are being hurt by no camps. Alexis has elite speed and Davis has elite hands. The rest of the 3 star commits are 3 star commits. Cooks and Regis are 3-star targets we probably lead for who should definitely be 4-stars though. The ratings this year are probably going to stink due to everything that’s going on.
  14. Yep, they’ve won one conference game in the last 3 years. They shouldn’t be favored in any game this season.
  15. Damn, he only really played one season there, his freshman season. With that said, if his knee is good to go, he’s absolutely worth a 1st round pick.
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