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  1. Hahahahaha that’s really funny because you used a girl’s name for a boy. Hahahahaha
  2. Newy25’s wife has his login and wrote that, right? No way a grown-ass man holds onto that kind of pointless, butthurt vendetta after 16 years.
  3. They play in the NFC North and played Dallas: that’s basically six or seven guaranteed wins right there.
  4. The fuck? You get paid by the word?
  5. Frequent Turo (previously RelayRides) user here. It’s essentially Airbnb for cars and, more often than not, the owner will drop off the car in short term parking shortly before I land, I’m wheels down, find the car, and off I go. I will say, however, my last couple times renting with Avis and doing the check-in and everything else through their shitty app wasn’t _too_ terrible. I ended up going straight from the plane to the car without having to deal with any humans. But I think that depends on the local franchise or location from which you’re renting.
  6. Only thing I know from reading this thread thus far is (1) whichever team Vic roots for will lose, and (2) fozzz is textbook case for the Dunning-Kruger effect.
  7. My point was less about depth like the London Tube or South Austin’s mom’s cervix, and more about length and percentage of the line(s) actually underground.
  8. Unless I misread the material, the “subway” is actually only 1.6 miles of underground tracks.
  9. No. At LAX, they take off going straight up because of the jet stream and nearby mountains. It’s really bizarre.
  10. Lisbon, though if you’re going to the Azores, perhaps knock on the cockpit door and ask if they’ll drop you off on the way. Worth a shot.
  11. Fuck yes!! This is the kind of priceless insights you’re known for getting right. How do you do it?!
  12. What are greenspoint’s odds this is done and Clemson wins? Have he and Vic called ballgame yet?
  13. I’m assuming you flew direct. I also recently flew UA to Portugal and remember seeing that EWR-LIS direct being serviced by what I assumed were older 757 or 767s with older seating configurations. I purposefully flew through Frankfurt to get the newer Polaris 1-2-1 seating configuration. Worth it IMO.
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