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  1. Had liver problem could not absorb food anymore so had to put him down.
  2. See Ready Pic now 67 in TTT 74 in Total Horn 875 OBO Will insert any Thujones pic into skull upon request for peekaboo into 44 Mag hole. Will deliver to greater Houston, or Austin area for a sixer of Shiner Ruby Red. Otherwise can meet at BBQ joint.
  3. Aggy has infiltrated the Canadian CDC and been doing it right for years... Glory holes could be the key to having safe sex during the coronavirus pandemic ... at least according to Canada's top health experts. The Canadian CDC breaks it down like this ... if you're gonna have sex during the pandemic, it's a helluva lot safer to "use barriers, like walls (e.g., glory holes), that allow for sexual contact but prevent close face-to-face contact."
  4. Just kidding man. I sell VR gear, I can confirm that our high powered gaming units are pretty much sold out.
  5. They never hit me in Austin Co. , though their taxes go up every fucking year so guess no need. Maybe the oaks give it enough camouflage.
  6. Built one 8 years ago with outdoor shower and composting toilet. Essentially built two elevated decks between two giant oaks. Left an expansion gap between trees. These are wateroaks so the absorb more than they push. Still everything is square today, the deck that supports outdoor shower needs to be adjusted every few years, but otherwise it has been great.
  7. Guess it depends on their preconditions. But just because someone dies does not mean the season ends.
  8. Let’s add ND to the schedule. Since Wiscy will not play them.
  9. Great town, did some work at the Chekowicz refinery (built by Rockefeller)and then hung in Krakow for a bit. Another place where divorce is likely.
  10. Or they accelerated the cull by mandating nursing homes convalesce covid patients.
  11. Private school will cost, cost of living will cost, but if you think the children are safer, go for it, you may consider north or south not east or west so as to not timezone. Would think private insurance may cost as well. Might want to invest in air ambulance insurance in case they treat you like the dirty foreigners you all are. I always thought Buenos Aires was a great place. Though may lead to divorce between the wine and the copious amount of restaurant quality ass.
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pecan_Park_raid Should of wrote Harding St. Alcevado came on when this happened and blamed lack of gun control for officers being shot. Then all hell broke loose.
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