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  1. Cannes kinda sucks as a beach except for the boobs, but seen way better on Texas beaches.
  2. Grew up in Pasadena, it was the Champion Paper Mill. I went to HS right across the freeway.
  3. Not exactly chess, but Capablanca said the only reason you ever lose is because you disrespect your opponent by making incorrect moves. Mensa is more of a checkers than chess guy, despite his trappings. Time to GTFO Tom.
  4. Your vagina is a bit sandy, go clean your crevasses. No, Meyer is not the better option, as he is an outsider to this region, and frankly he is as big a scumbag as Briles. So all things equal, fuck you. Pretty sure Briles would do exactly what Urban would do in paying off players and has a history of turning his head to criminal activity. Yeah Urban won championships, lot of them, and has been run out for being a scumbag shortly there after. Switzer won as well.
  5. If you guys want to ignore what happened at Florida with Urban and are all about winning, then no name should be off the table. Go ahead and send a jet for Briles. My first choice would be B Harsin. When he gets pummeled by BYU this weekend, I think he will be ready to come back to the 40 Acres.
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