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  1. Clearly the players are owed $3.9999 Billion
  2. Jack shit. He gets to play QB at UT.
  3. If Canada installs a wall it will be the Stassi wall to keep their citizens from coming to US for treatment. It takes 10 weeks to get to a specialist in Canada so they come here. Yeah the Orange man is bad, but there is a large amount of stupid halfwit dumbassery written in this thread.
  4. Communists don’t suffer homosexuals. Just ask all those literate and healthy fellas what the revolution has done for them.
  5. They did just fine in 15 and 16 when the Saudis tried to kill fracking. Doubt it will be different this time.
  6. Least knowledgeable fanbase, that is a pretty broad stroke. I think that I know plenty of Astros fans that know about baseball. I also know that most people who are baseball fans think they know more than anyone else, so I’ll take your nonsense with a grain of salt. I grew up and went to a shit load of games with one of the current Astros beat writers. He is an Astros fan and I am sure when he is signing his book about baseball for you he could tell you, you don’t know shit. Me I’ll just tell you that ankle biters are aggy.
  7. Assuming they give a fuck about what hecklers say.I imagine Springer cares more about his performance on his walk year.
  8. Went to Reckling Park with my baseball loving nephew a couple of weekends ago. Nephew and I discussed MLB ready players on both sides. On UT side, agreed not counting pitchers that 1B SS and CF were locks. A pretty solid recipe for a lot wins this year. Hook em’ Stoked SS at first Longhorn Baseball game
  9. Yup, just like the Nats stole the sign that won them the world series. I am sure the guy swinging the bat had not a fucking thing to do with hitting the foul pole.
  10. How the fuck do you know, he could of had a buzzer up his ass for all you know.
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