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  1. Which year is which? I have 2017, 2018, and 2020 I believe, but don't remember either of those names. Granny's Batch is one of them is all I recall.
  2. it will stop when cops keep covering for cops and are held accountable for their errors. if i fuck up at work, i get fired. if a truck driver gets in a traffic accident he gets fired. a cop can kill someone and nothing happen to him. my error is i accidentally deleted all of my company's financial date for the past decade. oops, i get fired. cops kill someone by accident - serve a warrant to the wrong house, shoot someone that's reaching for their wallet. oops, police unions cover for him, still keeps his job, still gets his full pension, etc. and this happens over and over again in city after city. i believe if cops were held accountable there would be less police brutality. they would learn they can no longer get away with it. what's interesting to me is if you listen to a rightwinger, or turn it over to rightwing media - fox, oan, etc, you hear nothing but how terrible the riots and violence are. then you turn it over to liberal media - cnn, msnbc, and you hear nothing but how terrible the cops acted. they are both right but dont listen to each other and are talking past each other. what conservatives dont understand is you can send in the national guard, tear gas them, beat them into submission, cage them but that does nothing to address the problem. when they get out of jail, police brutality still exists and some other innocent person will be killed by the cops and nothing will be done about it. until this is fixed there will be rioting. it's gone on for too long with a blind eye and no justice.
  3. are you equally disturbed and disgusted by the life the kenosha guard took?
  4. it's no wonder they did their delegate parade early and when no one was watching. that shit was lame. they did a lot of big talking during the dnc about how theirs was going to be better - more positive, live audience, uplifting. pppppfffffttttt. this rnc is boring as hell and produced poorly.
  5. i hope every speaker that appears in public and defends this doofus in the next 4 days gets tarred and feathered. time for these hooligans to pack their shit.
  6. the script is poorly written and not realistic. the dialog between perry and whig and their reactions seemed forced, same with the dialog between perry and the hispanic chick.
  7. was just through hatch on sunday. they had a freezer full of gallon ziplocs that had just been roasted that morning for $12. they weren't even frozen yet, still hot in the freezer. going to make rellenos with mine.
  8. so is mason's sidekick. almost a comedic perfomance, but he is nailing it.
  9. I picked up a store pick the other day of that, but it was barreled in '06. yours is older. looks like a worthy bottle to add to the collection.
  10. I don't think my pallet is very sophisticated. I bought a bottle of uncle remus 6 months to a year ago and killed it with my brothers over canasta and cigars. it was good, but maybe not $55 good. I don't taste the charcoal in it, or the maple, and don't taste it in jack or the charcoal or mesquite in longbranch either.
  11. best episode of the season. writers take note, that's how you do it.
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