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  1. yeah, i didnt word that right. those three $25-30 kentucky bourbons are better quality than any texas bourbon other than garrisons. i only meant that when see a texas bourbon on the shelf you have the same meh response as when you see those three.
  2. had to go almost to page three to find a thread about immigration. i'm being told there is a border crisis. is there a border crisis?
  3. what do you mean? they are harvesting oysters in galveston and matagorda bays. last i heard only half the areas are closed in galveston bay to let them grow up to size.
  4. he's missing about 20 from his texas bourbon collection. i'm in the minority on this board in thinking texas bourbons aren't terrible, they just arent noteworthy. i would rate them with any of the value kentucky bourbons like elijah craig, buffalo trace, or makers mark. they're good for $25-30.
  5. agreed. it would take a case of the right two to equal one bottle of the left two.
  6. thrillhammer


    i lived near 33rd and guadalupe for many years during the 80's. hillberts on 33rd and lamar was a staple at my place, at least twice a week i picked up or they delivered. yes, owner is a fantastic guy, and his whole family worked there. his daughter was running the cameron location last time i was there.
  7. I tried Wild June a few years ago and it was absolutely horrible. And I thought I celebrated gin's entire catalog. i didnt think it was horrible, but it was nothing noteworthy. i would put it up there with the waterloo and revolution local gins. i had to try it since ft davis is near and dear to my heart, and she was working at the mcdonald observatory i believe was the story. i supported her cause with one purchase. actually two, her other one is called checkerbark and i bought that one too. tasted the same as wild june to me.
  8. why not just keep cucumbers in your fridge? i do keep multiple bottles of gin in my house, and have bought a couple of hendricks in the past (the regular and the orbium), i just dont foresee buying it again.
  9. not near as funny as last season. the kids are flat, the wife is flat. martin freeman and his parents are leading the way so far this season. still worth following this season, just more of a drama than it was at first.
  10. disagree. gin is flavored vodka as much as bourbon or rum are. vodka is grain alcohol. has no flavor. all other spirits get their flavor from their process and ingredients. my point about flavored gin was that, though i love a cucumber-flavored gin and tonic, i dont want that flavor every time i have a gin and tonic. that's why i dont buy hendricks.
  11. i have that exact knife. it's my edc. a little bulky for my pocket but a great quality knife.
  12. old raj is good shit. great for martinis. i like hendricks okay but dont like the idea of flavored gin. I think i posted this on the other gin thread, but there's a UT botany professor that picks juniper berries from the Davis Mountains and ships it off to Washington to make gin. There are two of them and I can't recall the names. Wild June seems to be one of them. They're decent and quite affordable.
  13. sorry, i forgot bardstown is distilling, just not been doing it for that long. i was thinking they were blenders for some demented reason.
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