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  1. Yeah, we see that, but does every single republican voter have blinders on? why are they not seeing it? it's too easy for us dems to criticize the trumpster, but what has baffled me is how loyal the repubs have clung to him for the past 3 years. very few critics, and the ones that have are silenced quickly. he's a dictator, trampled all over the constitution, called the white house a dump, said he has ultimate authority, told more lies and been more delusional than any psychopath in any prison, and been labelled by an ecumenical society as the least christian president ever. still loyal to him. he's the teflon don. if he unzipped his fly and whipped out his tiny penis at the next press conference, he'd still get 42% of the vote in the next election.
  2. what kind of shitshow of an administration are we running here? fucking hypocrites. the election is rigged, oh wait I won. Obama sucks for playing golf during a crisis, oh wait I gots a tee time. voting by mail is fraudulent, oh wait I vote by mail.
  3. lots of great destination choices. we had an rv growing up and did family trips to the east coast civil war/revolutionary war/dc/mt rushmore, etc, as well as national parks in the west - carlsbad, zion, bryce, grand canyon, yellowstone, little bighorn, etc. great trips and great memories. you will be giving your kids a fantastic education and memories for a lifetime.
  4. for swimming holes - garner, blue hole, hamilton pool, barton springs, christoval, balmorhea. there's a city park in kerrville that has nice swimming in the guad. the ingram dam, near there, is also a great spot. there used to be a private campground on the blanco in wimberly called little arkansas that was a badass spot.
  5. all polls are bullshit and that's why this will be a nailbiter to the very last. polls reflect popular votes, the last few elections proved those are meaningless. if you only paid attention to the polls in ohio, wv, mi, fla, pa then you'd have a better prediction of who will win. national polls are meaningless. biden will win the popular vote but that accomplishes nothing. quit measuring the popular vote.
  6. we could, but first i'd like you to do me a little favor.
  7. ive been searching for that bardstown.
  8. which one? the last one i believe was french oak. this new one is chinquapin. i first heard about it around the time of the mongolian oak release. i looked so long and hard for it i finally emailed them and she responded back that they shipped one bottle total to the entire state of texas. thanks for making me waste my time.
  9. heard about it's release. good luck finding it. buffalo trace also just released their latest installment of the charter oak series. that one will be even rarer.
  10. i agree with both the critics and the admirers. the premise is stupid, but so is mortal engines, the golden compass, westworld, etc. it's escapism, not reality. gandorf is right though, in that it has a quality feel, not a network television, made for tv cheesiness. plus, they briefly alluded to a couple of plot points that happened in the past, besides the revolution, that are enough to peak my curiosity to see how it plays out. there was another murder, besides the one they brought in the detective for, an there is something going on between jennifer and the asian chick. she told her as soon as the investigation is over we can get back to the other thing. then there's the detectives ex-wife and their relationship - why they broke up, how she rose up in class, etc. then there's the whole wilford enterprises thing and the charade she's pulling off. the garden and the aquarium are dumb. the idea that they somehow have enough food on board to feed thousands of people for years on end is dumb. the idea of a train going around in circles for years on end is dumb. class struggles and the politics of survival in a post-apocalyptic world are not dumb, and are concepts we can all relate to so i'm in.
  11. I didn't know lone star ever did that. if they do, I guarantee you the stole it from pearl.
  12. are they going to have the word games underneath the bottle caps again? if so, i'm in for a sixer.
  13. this just might be the worst post ever in the short, illustrious surly history, typical of the delusion and ignorance of the republican party. trump is the wanna be dictator, not the dems. they're the ones fighting him, in case you've been locked in a closet. he's the one that wants to limit the press, shut down any and all critics, fire anyone investigating him or that has anything to do with an investigation of him, lies, steals, cheats, most dishonest president ever, only president ever to refuse to release his tax returns, only president ever to refuse to divest from conflicting financial interests. we no longer have a system of checks and balances. he has centralized power in the executive branch to the point that we now have a dictatorship.
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